Postgame Quotes vs. Elon
Chattanooga Football Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at Elon
Rhodes Stadium (11,500) – Elon, N.C.
Saturday – Oct. 19, 2013

Head Coach Russ Huesman
Thoughts on the game:
“I think it is a big win.  Elon played really, really hard.  That was the best I have seen their defense play all year.  They got after us.  They were tackling really well.  I don’t think we moved the ball really well today, but we made some big plays when we had to, and that is important. 

“Holding them to three field goals again today was huge.  Our defense is playing really, really well, but we have to continue to get better.  We are doing enough things defensively to win ball games.”

On the fake punt in the first quarter:
“We knew we had it.  After the first time they lined up, we knew we had it.  I was actually going to call it another time, but we went for it on fourth down.  That’s scary stuff.  That takes years off my life every time I call something like that.  If it works, everybody is patting me on the back. If it doesn’t, I'm the dumbest person.”

“I have done anything like that (this year) because I thought our offense was in control of a lot of things and I felt good about where our offense was going.  But we were struggling.  I thought we needed a spark. Obviously the 24 yards on that really helped us.”

On the play of Nick Pollard:
“I thought Nick’s last punt was huge.  He killed that thing.  Nick has been really good for us.”

On the play of Davis Tull:
“He is such a good player.  We have to continue to find ways to not let the offense take him out of the game.  I am not sure if they did or not today, but we have to find ways to keep that from happening.“

Davis Tull – Jr. – DE
On setting new career sack record:
"It’s a pretty cool feeling knowing I passed J-Will who kind of taught me the tricks of the trade. I learned everything from him and Coach (Marcus) West. It’s an awesome feeling.”

On keeping opponents out of the end zone for 2 weeks in a row:
“It’s great for our defense to step up like that. Our red-zone defense has not been where we’ve wanted it to be lately. We started out giving up too many touchdowns. Actually (Josh) Freeman and I were talking about it in the third quarter. We wanted to stay strong…we didn’t want to give up a touchdown today.”

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