Postgame Quotes vs. Wofford

Chattanooga Head Coach Russ Huesman
Thoughts on sharing the SoCon regular season title
“It’s huge. We knew coming in that if we won and Samford lost that we would guarantee ourselves a share.  We still have to play a game next week because the playoffs aren’t guaranteed.  I don’t believe Samford is going to give it to us. But I’m proud of our guys. It’s unbelievable how many different guys stepped up and made plays for us today.”

Thoughts on the defense and play of Nakevion Leslie
“I thought he Nakevion Leslie played great.  That spot against this type of offense is huge.  He made a lot of plays.  Wes Dothard was phenomenal for us today.  Keeping it to 271 yards is pretty good against those guys.”

On the fast start at the beginning of the game
“I didn’t think it was going to be easy.  Even at halftime up 17-3, I wish we could have gotten that field goal to go up 17.  I knew that they would find a way to come back.  Our defensive coaches talked during halftime and we figured that they would do something tricky.  Sure enough, on the second play they got us on one, but our defense never quit or hung their head.  They were able to rally after that and keep fighting.” 

On the turnaround of the program
“It seems like it’s taken forever.  It feels like I’ve been here for about 20 years now.  The first thing that went through my mind after the game was remembering Wofford celebrating on their field after they got us last year.   Seeing us have the opportunity to celebrate something like this is pretty cool.”

Thoughts on the seniors
“They’re not only good kids but they’re good players for us.  It was good to see how happy some of our past players were on the sidelines because they were the guys that started this process for us.  They feel like they’re a part of this as much as any other kid in that locker room does, and they should.  I wish they would have gotten one themselves, but they are sharing this with us.”

Kevin Revis, Offensive Lineman, Senior
Thoughts on securing a share of the Southern Conference title

“It still doesn’t seem real. It’s awesome. We give the glory to God for the victory and allowing us a chance to win this championship. This team is close and everyone feels good for everybody else. I can’t even find the words to explain how we feel.”

On how the offense and defense works together
“There’s not even two separate units. We are one team out there. We want to win for each other. They want to get us the ball so we can score, and we want to score because we know the defense is going to hold. We have complete faith in each other and know we are going to win the game. That’s been our attitude and mindset from the first game, every snap and every second half. Nobody lets up and everyone plays hard every snap.”

Thoughts on Chattanooga’s first snap
“That was big time. I thought Coach Durden called a really good game and thought Coach Atkins had us prepared on their front. We just came out and performed well on senior day because we had something to play for. We didn’t have any other choice than to win this game. We wanted to get it from the first snap instead of waiting until the second half.”

Wes Dothard, Defensive Back, Senior
On claiming a spot as SoCon champs
“It was our goal to win a SoCon championship when we came here. We’ve been right there at it for the past couple of seasons but always seemed to fall short. I think this is one of the best teams I have played with and the chemistry is great.”

Thoughts on the defense against Wofford
“Holding the Wofford rushing game was very impressive. Our defense stepped up and played an awesome game, and players like Nakevion Leslie made that happen. He played an awesome game, and that was his first game playing inside linebacker. That was one of our keys to winning the game.”

Wofford Head Coach Mike Ayers
Thoughts on the game
“We let them start out and they were right on as far as offense goes. Defensively, we just didn’t have an answer for them. We finally settled in and settled down in the second half and played better defense. Offensively, we knew it was going to be tough and we had to keep it a close game. You’re not going to score a ton of points against Chattanooga – nobody has. We had some things we felt good about and we made some plays, but the consistency wasn’t there. We had a fumble going toward the goal, and we can’t do that. Turnovers will kill you.”

Thoughts on Chattanooga’s play
“We played a game against a really good opponent that is very similar philosophically as our team. We try to play great defense, try to run the football and control the clock. They did a tremendous job of taking that clock down and shorten the game. When the end of the first quarter came, I had to do a double-take at the clock. It’s a tough loss, but there are two games left. They are both very important. They give us the chance to hopefully get to the playoffs and win a SoCon championship.”

Going forward to the end of the season
“Chattanooga and Samford is going to be a serious throw-down, I can guarantee that. It’s at Samford so they have an advantage, but we can’t count on anyone else to do our work. We have to do it ourselves. We have two games left, and we have to play as hard and as well as we can play for the next two weeks. There may be something there for us and there may not be.”

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