Postgame Quotes at Wofford - Jan. 18, 2014

Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game
“It was tough-sledding in there.  They are physical and challenge everything at the rim.  Give our guys credit because we have some toughness to us.  We find a way and scrap them out.  We find ways to score, attack the rim and go to the foul line.  We were 81 percent from the line and we’ll take that every night.  We were able to make it happen with free throws.  I thought Greg Pryor was tremendous and I thought Gee McGhee played the best he has played on defense.  We made some defensive adjustments going into this game and our guys executed them just perfectly.  Give our guys credit.  That was just a toughness game.  We came in here and were tough as nails.  I am really proud of our guys.  That was our most complete game – offensively and defensively – that we’ve played all year.”

On Chattanooga’s defense
“We executed well down the stretch.  I said we would get it corrected and we did.  Our guys did exactly what they were supposed to do.  They look to the weak side, found the cutters and never lost composure.  We clawed until the end, and we got the jump-ball near the end because we were just tenacious.  We were all over the place and that was awesome.”

On the offensive game plan
“Our game plan every night is to attack the paint.  The first game, we scored 52 of our 70 points against Wofford in the paint.  We wanted to get in there and attack the paint against them again tonight.  We don’t have a traditional post game so we have to bully our way in there on drives and things to that nature.  We picked up some charges tonight, but we did enough.  You just have to find other ways to score in there.  Once we got into the bonus, we made it a point that we didn’t want to take any shot until we at least drive in and give ourselves a chance to get fouled.  Our guys did that and executed tremendously.”

Thoughts on Greg Pryor’s play
“He did a great job.  When we called that side out-of-bounds timeout, he ran the backdoor perfectly and got the layup out of it. He had a tough finish in transition there at the end.  He did a really good job and we trust him out there. We had him in there at the end of the game, and I think he scored six out of his 10 points there at the end.  He has been playing well and I am glad to see it pay off for him.”

On winning back-to-back two-game road-trips
“This is the first time in 20 years that we’ve won two of them.  The first time since the 1993-94 season. That is great, and let me say this; we are coming back home on Thursday night to play Elon, and they are predicted to finish first in the league.  I want to see if we can get 5,000 people into McKenzie Arena on Thursday night.  Our players deserve it because they have played unbelievably hard.  They’ve done everything we’ve asked. We need to have 5,000 people in there and have the lower bowl full.  Bring a neighbor, bring a friend or 10 and get behind these guys.  I think these crowds have been tremendous all year.  We’ve been averaging around 3,000-4,000 fans, but our guys have raised the level of play and upped the ante.  Now we need everybody else to up the ante and get behind these guys.  We are a blue-collar team, and our team represents the school and city really well.  I would like to see 5,000 people in McKenzie Arena, rocking it and giving our team the home-team advantage.”

Z. Mason, forward, senior

On Wofford’s defense
“Wofford did a good job of putting bodies on guys, and bringing help on drives to the basket and post.  They did a good job of contesting our shots and keeping us out of the paint.  But we were able to get quite a few buckets in there when we needed to, but they really made it tough on us.”

On the physicality of his 36 minutes played
“It was definitely 36 minutes of banging and aggression from both ends on both ends.  Wofford is a well-coached team and pride themselves on being aggressive and hard-nosed.  It was tough for all of us.  We were just able to get stops down the stretch.  That helped push us over the top.”

On sweeping Wofford
“They are a well-coached, tough team – regardless of their record.  They are going to play hard and tough.  Nothing is going to come easy.  It’s just the will to continue to win the battle.  Both teams played hard – give all the credit to Wofford for making it so hard – but we were able to will our way to this win.  Our preparation and attention to detail really helped us win this second matchup.”

On looking forward to the Elon game Thursday
“It is going to be a lot of fun.  Elon is a great team and they are picked at the top of the league.  I am looking forward to it.  It is going to be a great matchup.  They are a great team and they are coached well.  It will be a great game to watch.”

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