Postgame Quotes vs. Elon - Jan. 23, 2014

Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game
”Good win.  A complete game.  We started a little slow but got going and were able to settle in the flow of the game.  I want to thank all the fans that came out tonight.  I know we didn’t quite have 5,000 here but it sounded like 7,000 a few times out there tonight.  The turnout was great the students were great. It was a great turnout from them and we just need to keep that momentum going into Saturday.  Give credit to our guys.  Z Mason - he played phenomenally.  He is a tremendous player and the best player in this league.  I thought Casey Jones played good, as well.  They were sagging off of him, and he was able to get some great assists and spread the ball around.  Rico White came in and shot it well from three-point range.  I thought we did a good job defensively in the second half guarding it well from the three-point line.  The first six minutes of that half were really good for us.  We got the lead and throughout the rest of the game were able to get a comfortable margin for the rest of the night.  Elon is a very good team, and we were able to play well and answer the bell.”

Thought’s on Gee McGhee’s three-pointer at the half after Elon’s three-point play
Sometimes that can work against you.  We talked about that at half time.  When everybody is going crazy, sometimes it can be a buzz-kill when you come back out.  We were able to get some stops to start the second half so that’s what I thought got us going. But the three was a very nice thing to have.  You really don’t see that much, and that was the first time I’d seen it when I’ve been coaching.”

On the Mocs answering the offense of Elon
You always want to do that.  We started a little bit slow and it took us a little while to settle in to our game.  Z has made plays for us all year.  When we need a basket, we are going to him.  When teams double him, we kick it out to Rico - who is a tremendous 3 point shooter. Those guys are veterans who have made plays for us all season.”

On what the Mocs defense was able to do against the Elon offense and Troutman
Well we tried to make it tough for him to catch it even if it was a smaller guy on him.  We had a smaller guy on him and we just wanted a body on him, and we came at him with two people sometimes.  They didn’t let up and were successful in guarding him.  I have known Troutman for a while.  He is a great and awesome player, a tremendous player, and he is a load down there.  We just wanted to attack him and get him in foul trouble, which we did, and I think that hurt his aggressiveness late.”

Thoughts going into UNCG on Saturday
“They got two really good post players who are very good.  They got a big time shooter, Paulos, who really lit us up here last year.  We have to do a really good job keeping it out of the post, which has been a weakness for us here, but we just have to get the pace going in our liking and push the ball.  They’re a good team and they are one of the better teams.   They are going to be hungry and we got to bring our game to beat a good Greensboro team Saturday.”

Elon Head Coach Matt Matheny

Thoughts on the game
“Chattanooga has played very well on both ends.  They played better than us on both ends.  I thought our guys started well, and really competed in the first half. But at the end of the first half, losing the lead and then getting the spread, I thought we had a great bucket near the end of the first half.  Chance to make a free throw and he missed it, and Gee throws in the three-quarter court shot that gave them a lot of momentum.  Then we struggled offensively in the second half.  We didn’t defend well enough either, but we really struggled against the match-up zone in the second half.  It got away from us.”

Thoughts on Chattanooga’s defense
“I think they do a very good job of giving you different looks.  It’s very difficult to get the looks you want by design, and you have to be a little bit more creative offensively.  They’re doing a very good job of playing aggressively in using their length and athleticism to an advantage defensively.”

On the impact Z. Mason had on the game
“He’s really good.  There were several times in the first half that I thought we defended him well and he still made shots.  Then in the second half, I may change my mind when I watch the film, but I think that the biggest buckets he had were offensive rebound put-backs.  He may have had some other stuff too, but he played very well and he’s a very good player.”

Gee McGhee, sophomore, guard

Thoughts on the halftime shot
“I actually thought the guy was going to block it.  Whenever it left my hand, I didn’t really expect it to go in. I just wanted a good look at it really.  I’ve made half-court shots before but not that far.  It’s an indescribable feeling because I never really practice things like that.  I kept running because my adrenaline took me.  I was just real happy about it.”

On how the shot impacted the game
I guess that shot kind of brought Elon down.  If another team hits a shot like that, I would just say it’s just that team’s night, but I guess it kind of stopped their momentum going into the half.”

On coming out strong in the second half and building onto the lead
We just stuck to the strategy.  We knew they were a good three-point shooting team and we kept running them off the line over and over.  If they’re going to beat us, they’re going to have to drive because we know they are a great shooting team.  All of them are great shooters so we just know we have to chase them off the three-point line.

On how having a big home crowd helps the team when it’s down
“Oh, it’s big time.  Whenever you feel like you need a bucket or you need something to go right for you, it’s just somebody in the stands cheering you on and having your back that allows you to keep your composure and just keep going.”

Z. Mason, senior, forward
The difference between his performance from the first half to the second half
“I just wanted to be more aggressive.  I knew we were up nine going into the half and I just wanted to continue to be aggressive and push the lead out.  Elon is a great team and we knew they were going to try and make a run coming out in the second half.  I just wanted the team to be aggressive and just keep us afloat throughout the second half.”

On how Gee’s three-pointer affected the team going into the half
“It definitely gave us momentum.  A shot like that - how many times does that go in?  It was a big shot and it put us up nine.  It gave us a lot of momentum going into the second half.  We were pumped in the locker room.  We were just excited to get back out there and play.  So it was definitely a big shot for us and a big momentum changer."

On why Coach Wade called this Chattanooga’s best game of the year
We just executed.  We got stops when we needed to.  I felt like it was an all-around good game on offense and defense.  We continue to attack.  We shut down a lot of their offense and plays, and we didn’t allow them to execute.  Elon is a great team, a great coached team, so it says a lot about our defense to force and get stops like that consistently.”

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