Postgame Quotes at Samford - Feb. 8, 2014

Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game

“We were lucky to get to overtime.  We didn’t play very well in the second half.  They out-toughed us on the glass, and that is embarrassing.  It was just not a good night for us.  We were lucky for a while there, and give our guys credit for making it to over time.  We just had too many lapses in overtime and in the second half.  We were not mentally tough tonight.”

On the Samford offense in the paint
“They killed us in the paint.  We had no resistance in the paint.  We were soft in the paint, weren’t tough and had zero resistance.  It was easy for them.  They drove us at will, got around us easy and around our guards.  We couldn’t keep the ball in front.  It was just not a good effort defensively for us tonight at all.”

Thoughts on the play of Samford’s Tim Williams
“Williams was an intimidator tonight.  We were scared of him a little and he imposed his will down there.  Give him credit.  He is a sophomore and a good post player.  He did a nice job.  We tried to keep going at him and make him foul but we couldn’t.  We didn’t go in there strong like we needed to, we were fading away from the basket and just didn’t get things done.”

On preparing for Western Carolina
“Samford is good.  They are a good basketball team and they’re talented.  We have to get back and get to work.  Western Carolina is picked in the top three in the league.  We have them at home and it doesn’t get any easier.  We have to be ready to go on Thursday.  We are probably going to practice tomorrow.  Part of it’s my fault.  We’ve been taking two days off a week, against my better judgement, and they’ve taken advantage of it a little bit.  Now we’re going to get back to how I want to do things this week.  We’re going to be ready to go on Thursday.”

Gee McGhee, sophomore, guard
Thoughts on the game
“Samford is a well-coached team and they did exactly what they were supposed to do at the end of the game.  They executed the right way, and I think it was us that really messed up because we didn’t execute the right way.  We didn’t execute our press the way we were supposed to.”

On both teams attacking the basket
“That’s where the bread and butter is.  That’s where you want to be and where you have to go to be successful.  You can’t sit outside and shoot shots on the perimeter all the time.  Both teams did a great job, but ultimately Samford just executed and got the win.”

Thoughts on the teams’ effort in the game
“It was a hard-fought game.  We knew what we wanted to do and knew what they wanted to do.  In my opinion, I feel like effort is supposed to be there, but we should have played smarter.  Like me – I took a three-pointer in overtime.  I was open, but I had been getting to the rim all night.  It was a bad shot on me.  And it’s a team thing.  We win together and lose together.  I feel like we could have won but didn’t.”

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