Postgame Quotes vs. Furman

Chattanooga Head Coach Russ Huesman
Thoughts on the game
“We knew this would be a hard game going in, but I think our guys played hard, played well and we’re awfully proud of them.  We had some big standout performances. I think we came out in the second half and played pretty error free.  We made some plays in the kicking game and on defense.  It was a fantastic win for us against a team that is going to win a lot of games down the road in the Socon.”

On getting key defensive stops
“Our stops were huge.  We threw the one pick, but we still held them to a field goal.  Then we fumbled the kickoff and held them to another field goal. That was a great defensive effort. I’m proud of our defense. I told A.J. Hampton and Muhasibi Wakeel what a great job they did out there.  They were able to come in and play well for us.”

Thoughts on Keon Williams
“I knew he was capable of doing this stuff.  I just wanted to see if he could do it consistently week in and week out.  I’m awfully proud of him. He’s a load out there.  He’s a really good player.” 

Furman Head Coach Bruce Fowler
Thoughts on the game
“It was uphill all night, but we were fortunate to make some plays and get some turnovers. I think that kind of kept the game close in the first half, and I thought we came out battling at times defensively in the second half. Really, Chattanooga was in control of the game most of the time.”

Bright spots for the Paladins in the game
“Marcus Anderson ran the ball hard and made some good cuts. He broke a lot of tackles and I am proud of his effort on defense. Then Carl Rider had a lot of production. Chattanooga just did a good job of running the football and controlled the game and ball.”

Moving forward, Appalachian State next weekend
“We have to get back at it tomorrow. We have some areas we need to improve on and we’re going to get back to doing that tomorrow.” 

Jacob Huesman, Quarterback, Sophomore
On dominating the first quarter
“We did play good in the first quarter. My personal turnovers in the second half killed us. I try never to turn the ball over but sometimes stuff happens. Luckily, we were able to overcome that in the second half, come back out and put more points on the board.”

Thoughts on the running game
“The offensive line is still doing a great job when we run outside. They are doing a good job of getting to the perimeter, staying on blocks and getting to the second level. I sound like a broken record because I say it every week but they are doing a great job upfront. Also, the running backs are finding the holes and running hard.”

On where the Mocs can improve
“Those three turnovers right in a row could have killed us. We could have shut it down and said we had to play tight because we couldn’t turn the ball over again, but that leads to playing scared and we don’t need to be doing that. Luckily, at halftime we were able to calm down a little bit, come back out and overcome those turnovers.”

Toyvian Brand, Defensive End, Junior
Thoughts on the defensive line with Derrick Lott being out
“We definitely miss Derrick and his presence, but Danny Ring and Josh Freeman are doing a great job holding the inside down. Of course, we’ve got Davis Tull and I on the outside. We’re pretty short on ends but we’re trying to get it done. We are all working hard to reach all of our goals together.”

On Davis Tull’s presence
“I think other teams know how disruptive he can be on the field so they are going to gun for him. Like tonight, it opened for Josh Freeman and Danny Ring. They both got sacks, and I made a few plays off of that. Davis is a beast and people are going to gun for him.”

Kadeem Wise, Defensive Back, Senior
Thoughts on breaking the losing streak to Furman
“Today in the team meeting was the first time that it was brought up. I think some of the guys knew it, but we didn’t know how many years it was. We don’t really let that affect us.”

Thought on the latter part of the season
“We like to take it one week at a time. We are not going to look too far down the road. Each week in and each week out, we are going to practice for that game.”

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