Postgame Quotes vs. the College of Charleston

Chattanooga Mocs Basketball Postgame Notes
College of Charleston at Chattanooga
McKenzie Arena - Chattanooga, Tenn.
Saturday - Feb. 9, 2013

Chattanooga Head Coach John Shulman
Thoughts on game

"A couple of things. We left Charleston, S.C. a while ago. We got annihilated, embarrassed, humiliated, and that was with Dontay Hampton. I'm not sure leaving there if we thought we could play with Charleston. Charleston is very good, and I think we proved otherwise tonight. A made free throw here, a made shot here, a layup here, it's a different game, and we're all happy. Our effort was phenomenal and our fight was great. There was a lot of pressure with the legends coming back in to play a basketball game. I think our team did themselves proud. They busted their tail ends. I appreciate the legends coming back. I appreciate the crowd tonight. I think Charleston is one of the better basketball teams in our league, and if they're one of the better basketballs teams, we aren't far behind."

Thoughts on final 10 seconds
"We weren't trying to foul. We weren't trying to foul in the backcourt. There was 16 seconds. Other teams think you're trying to foul, and they're just fooling around. I'll take a 10 second violation right there. We're not trying to foul back there. We've been through that deal a million times. We trap, trap, trap, trap, trap, and once he gets across the half line, then we foul. I guess you want a foul, they don't call a foul, and when you don't want a foul, they call fouls. I don't know if we fouled or not, but we wanted to foul. That was the plan. We didn't want to foul in the backcourt, and we weren't trying to foul in the backcourt. The guys did a good job. We'll take that every single time. They want to clock it out, they're thinking that we're fouling. So they're just going to hold the ball back? That's fine, we'll take a 10 second violation.  We'll have six seconds back on the clock."

Thoughts on Anthony Stitt
"We weren't able to guard him off the bounce. We did a poor job helping up. He's a good player. They have a great team. I think they have six All-Conference guys out there running around."

Thoughts on Z. Mason's performance
"He played fantastic. He played great in the first half. We rode him, and we're going to continue ridding him and Drazen. I like our team, and we lost. If Rico gets a steal with under a minute to go, shoots a layup and score, and I'm happy in here, we're the greatest. Since we lost in the last minute of the game, we aren't the worst. I'm proud of our kids, and I'm proud of their effort. We'll come back tomorrow, and get better. It's hard because we risked it all tonight, and I'm proud of them. But sometimes when you risk it all, you don't get rewarded, and we didn't get rewarded."

Thoughts on Drazen's third straight game with double digits
"He played good. This is how a senior wants to end up. I appreciate his effort. He was so excited that he went and used his left hand. He's like a little kid. He's so excited because he finally used his left hand, and made a good play. He played really good. And their bigs are really good. I told our team, we didn't lose any momentum. You should hurt. It stings. That was two good basketball teams out there battling. We're a good basketball team, and we didn't win. Michigan is a pretty good basketball team, and they didn't win today. They got beat. Do they stink? No. They lost, and we lost. Anybody could've lost that game."

Thoughts on legends coming back
"I'm different. I'm the head coach at Chattanooga, but most of the legends that came back, I coached against. I've got a history with them. It's not like I'm cold turkey and don't know who Keith Nelson is. I had a game plan against Keith Nelson. It was great seeing those guys. I just appreciate those guys coming back, and I appreciate how proud they are of Chattanooga. I've got a history with Tim Brooks. I scouted all those guys or coached against those guys. Besides being great players, they're great ambassadors to Chattanooga, the city and the school."

Z.Mason, forward, junior
On fatigue in the final 12 minutes of the game
"I definitely feel it. I told the coaches my legs were gone. I tried to do my best on defense and rebounding to give the guys something. I it definitely was a factor."

Thoughts on the three-pointer at the horn
"It was right in front of the bench and coach was just saying shoot it shoot it."

Thoughts on the team's improvement
"In Charleston we didn't really give ourselves a chance and they capitalized. This game showed how much better this team has gotten and what we can really do as a unit. If we can just keep practicing hard and giving it our all, then we can keep building on it."

Gee McGee, guard, freshman
On what was different from the last game against CofC
"We didn't have any enthusiasm, we were like zombies on the court. We came tonight with the last game on our mind. We planned to try harder and leave the court with no regrets."

Thoughts on the game
"It stings that we lost because we left everything on the court. We didn't hurt the last because we didn't put 100% effort into it. The game just didn't go our way. Yes, I mean any game can be easily won. However, we didn't capitalize on stops, shots, and free throws. Like I went 3-9, I should've at least shot 50%.

On if the free-throw shooting is disappointing
"No, but were just going to have to work on it more and get better at it.

College of Charleston Head Coach Doug Wojcik
Thoughts on Game

"Boy, really good college basketball game today. I thought John really had his team ready to play. I thought that Z. Mason was terrific tonight. I also thought that Drazen has been playing really well lately. He's really hard to guard and I thought John has done a really nice job with his lineup and with changing up their defenses. But to give our guys credit, really hard fought win and a really good college basketball win for us tonight. We aren't a great free throw shooting team but we won the game at the free throw line tonight."

Thoughts on how hard it is to play Z.Mason
"Well it does when you have two fouls on your two starters and I've got to finish the first half without getting that third foul on my two starters. In that situation, absolutely, I do not have enough bodies to put on Z. Mason at that point. But, for the last 12 minutes of the game he did not score. So give our guys some credit. They hung in there and fought, and I thought Adjehi Baru had a good defensive second half."

 The difference that experienced guards for CofC made in the final four minutes
"I really only have one experienced player that plays. Wiedeman is experienced and Willis is experienced, but both of them are coming off injuries. So it has taken us a while to get where we are now. But my two guards played as good as two guards could play a college basketball game. Another improvement that we have made as a team as the season has progressed is that we've really taken care of the basketball. They had seven assists and four turnovers against the press. I thought they handled the press extremely well and both of them played 35 or 36 minutes each."

Thoughts on Trent Wiedeman coming off the bench and scoring 16 points
"Keep in mind he is an all-league player. He has been out for me and our record would probably be a lot different if we had him healthy and in shape the whole season. But it is a nice thing and that's why he was awarded the second half start. Again, I have all the respect in the world for Chattanooga's post players, but the mix of Willis Hall, Adjehi Baru, and Trent Wiedeman did a nice job on them."

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