MBB Postgame Quotes vs. SEMO - Nov. 18, 2012

Head Coach John Shulman
Thoughts on playing the CBE Classic
"The reason we played this tournament was to get better. We have three games in three nights and I have committed to myself that I will not freak out whether we win or lose. If we had won tonight, I was going to clip the tape, watch Troy and we were going to get better. We lost today so I am going to clip the tape, watch Troy and we're going to get better. There is no difference."

Thoughts on the game
"We went out there and got whipped by a very old team. And we are a very young team. That is why we are playing the tournament. I'd love to win them all. That team is a good basketball team. They are picked to finish second in the West in the OVC. They were down six with 10 minutes to play against Kansas. They are a good team. They did things better than we did. I was happy with how we battled. We only gave up three offensive rebounds and we had 18. Our effort was good but we couldn't make a shot. When you have young kids that is going to happen. It wasn't a lack of effort. We just couldn't make a bucket, and then that affected our defense in thesecond half. Every second we are out on the floor we are getting better because these guys are getting more experience every time they play."

Thoughts on shots Chattanooga had good looks
They have two high-level bigs that affected our shots. We got 64 shots up but we just couldn't make them. If we make free throws in the first half it changes the whole game because then we almost tied at halftime. At the end of the first we had a really good look. Rico was driving in but slipped and fell down. It was just a tough game."

Thoughts on the two 7-0 runs given up in the second half
To stop a run you have to get the ball inside. Drazen had 12 shots and Z. Mason had 10, so we just have to get more comfortable on the floor. Z. has to be better than 4 -10 from the floor. Drazen was 50% which is ok. He had 14 points and seven rebounds, but he didn't play very good so we'll live with that. There bigs are good players so that's understandable."

Thoughts on tomorrow's game against Troy
"I know Troy beat Mississippi State early. I know the coach has been there for a long time and he does a great job. I think that they are smaller and will provide a different challenge for us."

Z. Mason, junior, forward
Thoughts on his performance tonight
"I feel like I came out flat. I know their guys have a lot of experience, they're big and athletic inside. We, basically, were trying to get a feel at the beginning of the game. It kind of hurt us in the end."

On coming out flat
"It's a slow start. I felt we all came out slow and sluggish. That's no excuse for a game like this. This is a good opportunity for us to come out and play, and we kind of blew it. It's a learning experience for all of us. Us two, as captains, we have to take this as a learning experience and get ready for tomorrow."

On every game being a learning experience
"We have a lot of young guys. They're getting the feel of playing the college game. There are going to be good games and there are going to be bad games. All we have to do is keep motivating them as captains, keep them focused and let them know that we have plenty of games ahead. The more experience they get, the better. We just have to keep telling them to keep playing hard, keep playing their game, to stick to the principles and we'll be fine."

Drazen Zlovarich, senior, forward
On his game offensively
"I rushed it. To be honest, it was easy to get the ball in there, just turn around and score. It was just short for some reason. We just came out flat with no energy. I don't know where my legs were in the first half. Shots just weren't falling."

On how you handle losses like tonight
"After every loss you are going to be disappointed. First of all, I'm mad at myself. As a captain, it is my responsibility to get the guys going. Coach even said in the locker room to get them going. For whatever reason, we couldn't get going. When we came out flat like that in the first few minutes, they got up seven or eight points and, throughout the whole game, that was the difference."

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