MBB Postgame Quotes vs. UNCG - Feb. 21, 2013
Chattanooga Head Coach John Shulman
Opening Statement

"This is J.R.'s night. I respect him and appreciate all that he has done for the program and I am sorry that we did this on his night. This was not our night. This was his night."

Thoughts on how UNCG shot from 3 point range tonight
"Once they get going, it's hard to stop them. Paulos made ridiculous threes in the second half. Then we tried to press and get back in the game in the second half, but they made those three point shots. Paulos had actually been struggling shooting the ball as of late. Drazen goes 2-for-11 from three feet and Paulos goes 10-for-12 from 20 feet. So you have to just give them credit."

 On coming out of the press in the second half
"I don't think we gave up a ton of threes against the press in the first half. We just didn't play with a sense of urgency tonight. A game like this makes you want to do more than just come out of the press."

On momentum from now until tournament time
"We don't have momentum. That was a tough way to lose at home. A loss like that really stings us as a team. It's gut check time. We're tired, it's been a long season and we've had adversity after adversity this season. Most people quit before they fail. I don't think this team will, I'd be disappointed if they did. They haven't done it yet but what happened tonight was shell shocking."

Thoughts on what Chattanooga could have done differently tonight
"I don't know what else we could have done at times. Maybe we helped them a little too much, but they made pretty tough shots. From this point forward it's about growing up and becoming more of a team."

Z.Mason, junior, forward
Thoughts on the game

"They hit twenty threes. That's shocking in any game of basketball."

On Paulos's shots from behind the three point line
"The scouting report said he was a good shooter and we needed to do a better job of getting out there and guarding him. Coming out in the second half, he hit six three point shots in a row. We can't do much about it. He was hot and it was his night."

Does this loss motivate the team
"Yes, we are going to work hard after any loss so we can get better. We have to get ready for Elon on Saturday. We just have to watch film, learn from it and move on."

Ronrico White, sophomore, guard
On the team's level of urgency

"I feel like we didn't come out the way needed to in order to get some momentum heading into Asheville. These last four games were important for us to gain some momentum heading into the tournament. I have to do a better job of getting my team ready to play from the tip."

Thoughts on what could have been done differently
"Personally, I think I could have done a better job of getting my team ready to play from the opening seconds of the game. They look at me as a leader of the team and I need to do a better job of having them ready to play as a team."

UNCG Head Coach Wes Miller
Thoughts on game

"We played well tonight. We guarded.  At least we were into it. We weren't perfect, but we were really into it defensively. That's something that I think this team has to do. We're under sized. We're small. We have to be able to have great defensive energy, and to have great ball pursuit every night to make up for our lack of size. That's something we can control every night, and I hope we really build on that. Obviously, we shot the ball really well, and when you shoot the ball well, it really helps. It makes me look like I can coach, and I really didn't have a lot to do with that. What I am proud of more than the made shots is the way we shared the basketball. It's about as good as we've shared the basketball all year. Twenty-seven assists is probably what I'm most proud of from my group. Again, we played well, and when the shoot the ball well like that and put it together for a night, generally, good things happen to you. It was a good win for us tonight."

Thoughts on what was seen on film that helped lead to win
"I don't think we saw anything on film. We were on the road at Furman a couple of weeks ago, and we shot it really well and the ball really moved. We know we can be explosive offensively when we share the ball, when we attack, when we're aggressive, but not selfish. I don't think we have selfish people, but we play selfish basketball. When we don't do that, we have a chance to be offensively explosive with guys like Derrell Armstrong, Trevis Simpson, Nick Paulos, Kayel Locke, and guys that are capable of scoring the ball. What we did see on film was that John has been pressing a lot. They've really turned up their defensive pressure, and we thought that we couldn't be passive. We had to really attack the pressure so they wouldn't get on our heels. They really hurt us at home when we were up seven late in the game. They went to the pressure, and that allowed them to go get back in the game and cut it to two. So we spent a lot of time in practice the last couple of days working against their pressure. Not just trying to beat it, but beat it to score so we could get out of it at some point during the game.

Thoughts on bench scoring
"We have really had solid bench scoring. I have to look at the statistics but I believe our bench scoring is in the top three in the entire league. We do expect our guys to come in off the bench and score the basketball, but I doubt that it's been that severe at any point this year."

Nicholas Paulos, sophomore, forward
Thoughts on getting hot

"I got a couple to go early, and then my teammates did an outstanding job of continuing to look for me and continue setting great screens. We shared the ball tremendously well. We were able to get open shots, and fortunately I was able to knock a few down tonight. I was feeling it, but that was from getting great screens from my teammates. Coach drew up some great plays for me, and I was able to knock them down. Coach said I broke a school record that's held by one of our assistants, so it felt pretty good."

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