Postgame Quotes vs. Samford - Jan. 9, 2014

Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game
“I thought it was a tale of two halves. We played really well in the first half. We played our style of play and got turnovers, but we were not as aggressive the second and held on for dear life. They changed their lineup. They got bigger and held us off the offensive glass but give our guys credit. We got a good win, but now we need to flip the page and prepare for Wofford on Saturday.”

On hitting 10 more free throws than Samford
That’d be nice, yes, but most were at the end where they fouled us in the end minutes. But we were aggressive. We didn’t want their zone to put us to sleep and shoot a bunch of threes. We made a big point to drive against their zone, get in the paint and not settle for threes. So I think the free throws were a byproduct of being aggressive against their zone.”

On the boost from three-pointers
“It’s always a boost when we shoot it well. We took good ones, we took inside out ones, we touched the paint and we took 10 toes to the rim. We got the defense to collapse so we could kick it out and take good threes.”

What the quick start did for confidence
It was good. We had been talking about the first four minutes and having a quick start really getting after it, and we did that. We really set the tone and letting them know we are going to be running at them. We got some turnovers in the press, which was nice, but we have to be able to sustain that for 40 minutes and not for just 20 minutes.”

Feelings on being 3-0 in conference play
“I don’t really see it as a surprise. We’re just focusing on each game independently and trying to get the guys better and having our guys understand what goes into winning. When you go on a winning streak like this, the expectations externally are going to be raised. That means your expectations internally need to be raised even more. It’s in your nature to think you need to do less because you think you have arrived, and we need to be cautious of that and make sure we raise our expectations internally even more as much as it will externally.”

Samford Head Coach Bennie Seltzer
Thoughts on the game

“Tonight I thought we came in with a solid game plan.  It’s tough when you’re on the road and you spot a team 10 points - a team as good as Chattanooga.  It was very difficult to spot that team 10 points.  I thought we had a solid game plan.  I thought we kept Z. Mason in check with his 14 free throws.  Ronrico White - the kid that is definitely a starter in this league. A starter for this team, coming back off of injuries, thought he had an awesome game tonight.  He made it tough for us in terms of inside to our guy with Tim Williams, but I thought overall our guys played extremely hard the last 15 to 17 minutes of this game, but we are at a point right now that we can’t spot a team as good as Chattanooga 10 points in the first eight minutes.”

On Chattanooga-native Michael Bradley’s good play in his home town
“I think being back in Chattanooga affected his play.  I’m sure it did, but he’s been feeling good the last couple of days.  He’s kind of up and down with it.  We kind of go with how he feels.  I ask him every day how he is feeling. Some days he has good days and some days he has bad days were he doesn’t feel so well, but I think coming home had a little bit to do with it.”

Casey Jones, guard, sophomore
On his, Chattanooga’s quick start
Ronrico came out in the beginning before we came out for the layups and said we have to go out there and be serious and get this energy going from the start. Anytime I have an opportunity to just bring some energy and get us active.  I just went for it, and I just kept it going for as long as I could. Playing hard is just what I do.”

Similarities between the SoCon wins
“Just never stop fighting.  Coach said we have many different ways to win a game. It’s just because we are going to fight until the end. And at each game they came close at the end, and we just kept fighting.  Like Coach said - keep your foot down. That’s really got us the win, that’s what got us all five of these wins in this stretch.  We won’t give up. That’s the kind of team we have right now.  We won’t let it happen.”

Ronrico White, guard, junior
On his high-scoring game
“Scoring is the last thing I’m worried about.  We got the win today and that’s what important.  I could score as much as I want to and if we lose, it doesn’t mean anything.  Z was great tonight. Z is always great.  I made a lot of free throws that really bumped it up, but that’s the last thing I’m worried about is scoring. I just want to win.”

Thoughts on the team’s free throw shooting
“Free throws are huge.  Late game, you know, they are going to foul. When you go up there and have the confidence and knock them down, that really puts a bag on things. But if you’re shaky and you’re not sure you’re going to miss it, that’s going to allow them to come down and get closer with a potential of winning the game.  I credit Coach
Wes Long. He really works on all of our free throw motion. He makes sure we are staying in there, elbow in and everything, making sure we are balanced. I credit Coach Long for making sure that we are good on our free throws.”

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