MBB Postgame Quotes vs. LA Tech - Nov. 20, 2012
Head Coach John Shulman 
Thoughts on tonight's game
"We're going to get results one day. The purpose of playing the Classic was to get better. You're seeing young guys get better. It's just disappointing. They deserve better. They deserve to have some positive reinforcement. We're not getting any right now so we'll have to have some inner belief in ourselves. We've played five games in nine days. We have four freshmen in our top ten. We could have beaten Kansas at Kansas. They just beat Washington State by 40. We could have beaten SEMO, could have beaten Troy and could have beaten Louisiana Tech. We didn't, but we gave ourselves an unbelievable shot in every single game. We have to learn how to close out a game and learn how to win it. I don't know how they got out of the trap in the corner but we kept them off balance. Our guys did a great job. We just didn't win the game. I challenged them at halftime, but we just didn't win the game. We're going to get better. We're going to be one tough out. We just have to keep on getting better."

Thoughts on Raheem Appleby's night
"He dominated the game. The biggest shot he hit was the three. We chased him out there. That's all he wanted us to do so he could shoot floaters and get to the foul line. He's a really good player and a big time scorer. I can't tell you how many times I told our back forwards that we want him to shoot the ball, but we chased like crazy. We played hard. We didn't play very smart, but we changed defenses and had them out of whack. We battled to take the lead, we just couldn't take it."

On Chattanooga's rebounding
"That's something we can control. We talk about defending, rebounding and getting on the offensive glass. We can control boxing out. We just out-rebounded those athletes by 14. We out-rebounded Troy by 17. It's the third straight game we've had double-digit offensive boards. Our stats are not equaling our result, but they will. We have to keep doing what we're doing, stay focused and we'll be fine."

Ronrico White, guard, sophomore
Thoughts on the team's improvements
"There's no doubt in my mind that this team is getting better. We try to take every possession like it is the most important possession of the game. I truly believe we are getting better."

On not getting frustrated early in the season
"We just have to make sure we are ready. We have to make sure of that in practice the next time we are on the practice floor. We have to be prepared for Kennesaw State. In a sense, I am still learning, but I can't use that as an excuse. I have to be a leader and a captain for this team because they need me to step up. I have to stay positive. I can't find myself getting negative especially on this group of guys. I love this team to death. You won't hear anything negative from anybody. We're always trying to encourage each other."

On what the team needs to do going forward
"We have to value every possession more. I had some silly turnovers. Everybody has to clean up something. If everybody cleans up just one thing on every possession, we'll be fine. We just have to clean up the little things because there is no doubt in my mind this team is going to be good."

 On how the team is improving
"I feel like we have more guys finding out what they need to do for this team. Casey has to get to the offensive rebounds like a madman. Drazen and Z have to go to the boards. We're all trying to do one thing to make this team great."

On where the improvement will show most
"Once we really find out what everybody needs to do on the court, it will show up in the win column. Hopefully it will in the stats but we want it to show up in the win column. This team doesn't care about stats. We just want to win."

On how Gee McGhee has improved
"Gee is improving drastically. I told him after last night's game I needed him to run the floor with me. Tonight I saw him running the floor and I hit him. He got to the lane and got to the free throw line. It's small things like that. I'm trying to help out the freshmen. I feel like that will help this team drastically."

Gee McGhee, guard, freshman
On what he has taken from the last 5 games
"I'm trying to make it a learning experience and trying to get better. I'm just trying to keep grinding and keep at it."

On what he thinks he has improved on so far this season
"I'm better on defense and at keeping my composure. I just have to keep going and keep grinding."

On what allowed him to have 19 points tonight
"My teammates were looking for me and getting me in the game. I was really focused. I didn't force shots like I usually do. It was the little things."

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