Postgame Quotes vs. Furman

Head Coach Wes Moore
Thoughts on the game
"I'm proud of our kids. We came out with a lot of energy, our defense was really good and we applied a lot of pressure. We kept the ball to the sideline a lot and forced some turnovers to get some points. We scored 29 points off of turnovers. I'm really proud of the defensive effort. Ashlen has been very effective inside for us. Alex knocked down some jumpers tonight. Kayla Christopher has been shooting the ball well. Taylor Hall hasn't been scoring as much late, but she had seven assists and no turnovers. We did a lot of good things when you look at the stats sheet. It's a good way to enter conference play with a 2-0 record, but we have a long way ahead of us. We have to continue to get better."

Thoughts on the dominate SoCon performance
"You have days like that. We shot 56 percent from the field and looked outstanding, and Furman seemed to struggle. When they did get an open look it just wasn't going for them tonight. That being said, I think our defense had a lot to do with it. We forced turnovers, got some steals and it was fun to watch. We came out with a lot of energy, and our defense applied a lot of pressure. We did a good job of dictating their offense and what they tried to do. I am proud of that."

On finding time to get younger players minutes on the court
"I may have left them out there a little too long, but it was nice to have a little bit of a buffer and get some of the younger players in the game. We have some kids who haven't gotten a whole lot of opportunities in game situations, and we've had to base all of our decisions on practice. It was nice to get them into a game situation and see what they can do. And it was nice to be able to give our kids a rest."

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