MBB Post-Game Quotes at Western Carolina - Feb. 28, 2013
Chattanooga Head Coach John Shulman
Thoughts on the game
"That was a nice sound at the end of that game. There's nothing better than winning on the road and hearing that silence. The reason we got a chance to win that games was because of the great start we got out to. We made a huge effort. We wanted to throw the first punch, and I wasn't talking to our team. I was talking to Drazen, Gee, Rico, Casey and Z because they are the ones playing in the first four minutes. It was up to them to get us out to a good start, and we did a great job defensively. We got some easy baskets, too. I don't know if the stats are right, but if we were 3-for-8 from the three-point line, then that's a great stat. Eight-for-10 from the three-point line should be right up our alley."

On hanging onto the lead
"We were up 16-2, and from that moment on it was hard trying hold on. We finished the half well, but we went from a 19-point lead to a 14-point lead when I think we could have given ourselves a little cushion. But for us to be mentally tough enough to step to the foul line and make free throws made me proud. I was really proud of Gee. He stepped up when he had to make big free-throws. We never got rattled. That was a rattled game because they came back and cut it to two points, and they were pressuring, but we never got rattled. It was crazy but we never lost our composure."

Thoughts on the number of fouls in the game
"It was a very physical game and all of our big guys had four fouls a piece. There wasn't great flow because there were so many fouls, but what do you do? You can get flustered and frustrated, but we didn't and we held our composure. Rico has done a really nice job of getting to the foul line and he feels comfortable there. I felt very comfortable with Eric Robertson at the foul line, too. We did a better job of screening bodies tonight and a better job of executing. And then we made some great plays. Gee took a charge and that was a huge play, and the play that he made to Casey Jones was great coaching. That was a busted play and he just made something out of it, and he finished like a man. It reminded me of a left-handed dunk that Z had in here once. We're happy right now and we're going to be happy for the rest of the night, but then we are going to start focusing on Appalachian State."

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