Postgame Quotes vs. Tennessee Temple

Chattanooga Head Coach John Shulman
Thoughts on the game
"I had no idea if we could score a bucket, if we could stop them from scoring, and after watching them on tape an awful lot, I was very nervous about the game. They are humongous. They are well coached and they have good players. I am thrilled that we have one game under our belt. I am thrilled our freshmen got a chance to go out there and sweat, shoot it off the side of the glass and make a lot of mistakes so we can get that out of our system. I said before the game, win or lose, we have to continue to get better. It is nice to win. It is nice for those kids to win but we have four games in eight days now. We have one practice before we play the No. 7 team in America. It's going to be a great experience for our kids. We are going to take that experience and we are going to get better. Then we are going to take next Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and get better. We are not going to focus on our record. Win or lose, we have to continue to get better. Farad Cobb has a chance to be really good. All those kids have a chance to be really good. It was great for them and we will continue to move forward, win or lose."

On if this game may set the tone for the rest of the season
"I thought we did a fantastic job on the glass. They have been dominating people on the glass. They have been dominating people because they are 7'2, 7'1, 6'9, and 6'8. I'm really pleased that we did a good job on the glass. We outrebounded them by twenty-one so that was a good job. We did a good job getting to the foul line. Hopefully you'll continue to see those two things. I do not think you'll see us press as much as we did. Am I ready to see us shoot 2-22 from three? Yes. Could last year's team go 2-22 from three and win by 35? I don't care who we were playing, the answer is no. We had to shoot it well to win. We don't this year. We are going to rely on defending and rebounding. If we shoot it well, we win by 50. We are not going to count on shooting it well, but we are going to work on it."

Thoughts on going to the press
"They are well coached. I give Coach Brady a lot of credit. He has done a really nice job. He has a load of talent over there. They are really disciplined and I did not want to half to sit in the half-court and guard. I wanted to make it a rat-race of a game and we were fortunate enough to do that. Casey Jones is really good but I don't know what sport he was playing out there tonight. He is so disappointed in himself right now but he is a competitor. He created a lot of craziness in the front of that press and he'll get better."

On going to Kansas on Thursday
"I'm looking forward to going. I want our kids to be loose. We very rarely go enjoy the experience. Let's go out there and play our guts out, and go out and learn. Let's go out and play against one of the best teams in the country and get better. What an opportunity. Win or lose or whatever, let's get better. That is what the theme has to be."

Junior forward Z. Mason
On how much of what they did tonight can be expected throughout the season
"A lot of the things we tried to do were simple things like showing our hustle and our effort. A lot of the guys are young and they had a lot of jitters. Talking to a lot of them before the game, they were all nervous. All the older guys were just trying to tell them to do the simple things like play defense and rebound. The game will come to them. We just wanted to do the small things."

On if it's hard to get the freshmen to understand that there are important stats other than scoring
"I think they know that. A lot of them know that it's their first game. All of those guys can shoot the ball. They had a lot of adrenaline. That's what they kept talking about at halftime. We told them that it was normal and as long as you make the hustle plays and play defense and rebound that's what win games. We were able to do that tonight."

Thoughts on going to Kansas
"It's going to be tough. We are going to have to prepare over the next couple of days for them. We are going need that outside shooting against Kansas. But if we keep playing defense and keep hustling, it is something that will propel us in the future. It could help us get a lot of wins."

On the goal going into Kansas
"The goal is to just keep playing hard, play defense and rebound. Those are the simplest things you can do in a basketball game. If we can do that, it will give us a chance against any team that we face this year."

Freshman guard Farad Cobb
On his first collegiate game
"I was anxious. I was just excited to play my first game. I didn't know what to expect so I just went out there and played hard."

On his defensive performance, grabbing six steals
"I guess Coach Shulman knew we would be anxious and wouldn't shoot it as well. He just told us to focus on defense and rebound, so that's what I tried to do. I gave good effort on the defensive end and I happened to get some steals tonight."

On if he'll be anxious at Kansas
"I'm looking forward to playing. It's going to be a bigger crowd and we are the underdog. I just want to go out there and prove we can compete and make Coach Shulman happy."

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