Postgame Quotes vs. Troy - Nov. 19, 2012

Chattanooga Head Coach John Shulman
Thoughts on the game
"At this moment, you can't convince me that we are not going to have a chance to be pretty good. Our guys don't understand the little things it takes to win Division I games at this moment. I am shocked by that. We have four guys out there that have never played Division I basketball. This is only their fourth game of their career and we're playing a team that beat Mississippi State earlier this year. They are a pretty good basketball team. If anyone didn't think we were going to have to go through growing pains and a learning process, they were sadly mistaken. So I am not pushing the panic button. We are just going through growing pains and that's what you do with young guys. We take a lead in the second half and we don't get a couple of stops, but they can shoot the basketball pretty good. We out-rebounded them by 17, got to the foul line 10 more times and didn't turn the ball over very much. We're going to make shots sometimes. They just feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders and I'm going to help them take it off."

Thoughts on what little things the team needs to do to be successful
"We are in a 1-3-1 and we have a chance to grab a rebound, but we don't grab it. We surprise them with a trap and the ball is just floating around on the floor, but we don't grab it. A free throw here or a turnover where Z. Mason isn't looking and we give up a dunk on the other end. Those five plays right there is your ball game. You can look at all the stats you want, but those plays are your ball game. They don't understand that yet, nor should they. I'm going to clip the tape tonight and show them the little things, and once they start valuing every single possession then you start to have a pretty good basketball team."

Thoughts on Troy's gameplan
They play very different than anybody we're going to play. They didn't throw it into the post the whole night. We did a really good job of switching ball screens, they brought our five's out on the floor and they were very difficult to guard. I think we did a decent job guarding them. Only gave up 41% shooting, didn't foul them that much and out-rebounded them by 17. Our stats do not equal our results. There are a few areas we're doing a great job in and there are a few areas we can improve. Our effort is very good."

Thoughts on the CBE Classic through two games
"When we got into this classic, the plan was to play a lot of games. I said I wasn't going to freak out if we took a loss. This has never been done at Chattanooga. We have four freshmen out there playing a ton of minutes. It's never been done before. They will get there and, when they do get there, people are going to enjoy it because they are going to be there for a long time."

On what he tells his team when it is tight late in the game
Hopefully we're in that position a lot. We just have to learn possessions and learn to be great listeners in the huddle. Our guys are busting their tail, but they just haven't been through the wars yet. They will get there. It takes a little time. This is high level Division I basketball. It takes time. We told everybody to be patient. They are too talented not to get there and they listen too well. My goal is to have these freshmen be sophomores by the Dr. Pepper Classic."

Ronrico White, sophomore, guard
On the theme of the past two nights
"I feel like we've missed a ton of free throws. We've done a good job getting to the line, getting to the paint and drawing fouls. We just have to execute and knock our free throws down."

On what caused them to be down early
"I think it was little plays here and there. I remember the ball rolling around on the floor a couple of times. We had guys diving on the floor, we just couldn't get there. It was like we were trying to get over the hump and we just couldn't do it."

On Louisiana Tech
"I caught the first half against Troy. They do a good job of talking on defense. That's one thing we need to do better. There a well coached team. It'll be a challenge but we'll be up for it."

Casey Jones, freshman, guard
On what he learned from playing in a close game
"We have to treat every possession like the last possession of the game. And we have to get those tipped passes."

On how playing in a close game will help him
"I think it's very beneficial to my future here. It's hard. I just have to get past it and play harder. All our freshmen have to know that."

Thoughts on being a young team
"It is kind of hard. You're coming from high school where you are the old guy on the team, but you come to college and they tell me I'm young. Our freshmen don't feel like it's an excuse. Even our sophomores don't feel like it's an excuse."

On the speed of the game
"It's real fast. Coach and all the coaches, even Rico, told me I have to run the floor harder. I thought I was running kind of hard but obviously it's not enough. I have to get faster. I have to work harder."

On preparing for Louisiana Tech
"We have to learn from the mistakes we made tonight and dive on the floor if the opportunity is there. Every night, even if you're a little tired, play harder. I wouldn't prepare for team differently. I just play harder."

Troy Head Coach Don Maestri
Thoughts on the game
"We were very fortunate, to be honest. It's a tough thing as a coach to go through what Coach Shulman was going through. You're watching your team miss free throw after free throw. The coach can't coach you to shoot a free throw. Those things just happen. Thank goodness for us, that's what kept us in the first half. In the first half they were 4-for-13. That's not going to happen again this year probably. So we were lucky there and in the second half. We were fortunate to get to the free throw line and make some free throws. It's a tough business but I think their team is going to be pretty good before it's all over. This is a tough tournament. Louisiana Tech and Southeast Missouri, those guys are good. We got a bunch of breaks tonight. Thank goodness they missed a lot of shots they normally make and missed some free throws to let us stay in it."

Thoughts on Scott's second half
"He was 1-for-10 in the last two games. I was about ready to put him on the redshirt team. How do you figure that out? I go to church every day. I think that may have something to do with it. It helped Vince Lombardi and it's helped me stay here for a while. Divine intervention comes into play. Scott can shoot the basketball but he's been absolutely awful this season. All I know is it was meant to be for us and I was happy to see them go in. He is a good shooter, so maybe it was his turn."

On what he tried to do to exploit the UTC defense
"We tried to drive more. We had another kid who had a good night, Antoine Myers. He hadn't played that well this season in exhibition games, against Texas A&M, Mississippi State, or last night. For some reason the game came around to him tonight. He drove in. He's a very good physical driver for a point guard. He's a reason along with those missed free throws that gave us a lead going into halftime. I'd have to say that he is the key to us in the first because he made some big plays on his own and for this team."

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