Postgame Quotes vs. App State - 2/8/14

Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Appalachian State at Chattanooga
Maclellan Gym – Chattanooga, Tenn.
Saturday – Feb. 8, 2014

Head Coach Jim Foster
Thoughts on the game:
I thought our energy was good the first 35 minutes.  I thought we played very well defensively.  Moved the ball in the last five minutes.  A couple of young kids got out of kilter but I thought we did pretty good job.

Offensively and defensively it seemed like you were pretty much in control on both sides of the ball.

On the defensive play & the play of freshman Aryanna Gilbert:
“We played very well defensively.  I thought Aryanna was very aggressive on both ends of the floor.  She was not when we played up there.  She has a chance to be an outstanding defensive player because she has all the attributes.  She has very quick feet and she’s very strong, and she didn’t use either of those to well up there, but much better today.  That being said she did a great job today.  She’s a good player; she’s a nightmare match-up.  She can score a lot of different ways in a lot of different places.”

On sharing the ball today:
The ball moved; first half against Georgia Southern the ball stayed still, but today it moved.”

On playing in Maclellan Gym:
“You’re talking about a guy who in one week played in the Palestra and Mcarther Court in Eugene, Oregon, about seven years ago and my team had no idea what they were accomplishing.  I just have to educate to the old gyms.

“I like it if the baskets are 10 feet, and there’s enough room to walk up and down the sideline.  What I did like is the sideline with the benches further back there was a lot of room and I didn’t have to worry about the referees once I like that a lot.

“This will brighten up the season a little bit.  Different atmosphere, different place to play, it’s good for us.”

Senior Taylor Hall
Coming off he overtime game at App, did you expect this coming into tonight’s game?
"No.  Up there they shot really well and we didn’t play our best basketball. They mixed up their defense and got us off track. But I think we handled things well here and we came out with a lot of energy and that really helped us today.”

Thoughts on being up by so much and it being hard to come back:
“When you get down like that it’s hard to recover and bounce back.  You lose your energy and it makes it difficult to come back especially in an away game.”

“Our goal is to put together 40 minutes. We have struggled with that throughout the season.  We are getting closer and closer to doing all the little things right and continue to taking steps in the right direction.”

Freshman Aryanna Gilbert
Did you see something in the opponent where you were going to be open a lot. Is that something you wanted to exploit and focus on?
Yes.  During film we saw they were playing a triangle and two defense. So Coach Foster just told us to cut to the basket and look for open looks.”

Did you expect to be open as much as you were?
Not really but I just took advantage of it.”

On playing in Maclellan Gym
“It was fun seemed like there was a lot of energy. It was really loud.  Seemed like the fans were louder and the band was louder, so it was a good experience.”

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