Postgame Quotes vs Eastern Kentucky

Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Eastern Kentucky at Chattanooga
McKenzie Arena - Chattanooga, Tenn.
Saturday - Dec. 8, 2012

Chattanooga Head Coach John Shulman
Thoughts on the game
"What Eastern Kentucky does got us completely out of our comfort zone, but the fight that we showed was pretty good. It is something to build on. We battled, fought, guarded and defended. They are a great basketball team. That's why they are 9-0 now, and we are a team that is kind of searching right now. If we play as hard as we did the last 12 minutes, we can find ourselves. No one said it was going to be easy. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but they got us out of our comfort zone. That was good for them. They are a good, well coached basketball team. We're going to get better."

Thoughts on Chattanooga's offense against Eastern Kentucky
"This wasn't the championship game of the Southern Conference Tournament. We're not packing our stuff up after this game. We are a young basketball team just trying to find our way. You want your team to fight no matter what the score is, and we showed a lot of fight. If we had come out with that fight, it might have been a different basketball game. But we were down, didn't have a lot of confidence and were on our heels the whole time. This is something to build upon. I appreciate their effort. They are down. It isn't fun to lose, but they battled back."

Thoughts on Eastern Kentucky's defense
"Eastern Kentucky plays a completely different defensive style. We prepared for it, but we took the first couple of days and prepared for us. We don't play that style. No one plays that style. We took the last two days to try and prepare for it, but it is like preparing for an option football team. We can prepare for it all we want, but until we understand the speed of it, we won't be able to beat it. The speed of their defense got us early. We had just a horrendous start. We were rattled from the start. If you take the 9-0 start and the two 25-footers they make late in the shot clock out of the game, that's 15 points I would take back."

Thoughts on EKU's Glenn Cosey
"I thought Cosey was phenomenal. He is a great shooter. He is a junior college All-American. He is a shot maker. The one he shot late in the shot clock was over Ronrico White's hand from about 25 feet. We started the second half playing zone, and he is out of the zone area we are playing, and knocks in a 24-footer. If one of our guys shoots that, I am probably mad at them, but he made it. They are playing with a lot of confidence, also."

On finding their feet in the first half
"It took enough time to understand their defensive concept. You can watch it on tape and try to let your guys know about it, but they still have to go through it. You aren't able to make the routine passes that you normally make. You have to do other things and drive the ball. We're not great at driving the ball. We are better at running an offense and throwing it inside, and they made it very difficult because they pressured us so much. They made it very difficult to throw it inside, but that's what they do and who they are. I was most disappointed that we gave up some offensive rebounds that we didn't need to."

Thoughts moving forward
"I am a competitive guy, and we're just not being very successful right now. I'm not losing my patients. I love the effort our kids put out on the floor. They're just young kids. We played against a bunch of old guys, and we have a bunch of young guys. Am I shocked? No. Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I discouraged? No, but I am a competitive guy. If you've been coaching 28 or 29 years and been to two NCAA tournaments, you understand the taste. You want to stay up there, and it is my job to try to get our guys to that point."

Z. Mason, forward, junior
Thoughts on battling back after the slow start
"I feel like we picked it up a lot with the press. We got a lot of tipped passes, deflections and got some steals. It kind of got us going. It kind of put us in control of the game. I felt like the majority of the game we were letting them control what we did and dictate what plays we were running instead of us being in control of the game and setting the tempo."

On moving forward after the loss
"We just have come out better. We can't come out and turn the ball over like that. We can't run the wrong plays and have guys in different spots when we're supposed to be here. It's basically just coming out and executing. That's just what we have to do. We have to execute in the first half. It kind of hurt us in the end. The last 12 minutes we kind of stepped it up, but we have come out stronger than that at the beginning of the first half and set the tone at the beginning of the game."

On what the team has to do on defense
"We just had to focus more on boxing out. They came out, threw the first punch and they just kept attacking us. Finally, we decided to come out, fight back and work harder. They came out and played harder at the beginning. That's something, as a basketball team, we take pride in and we didn't execute that today."

On the quick EKU start
"We can't allow them to come out and jump on us like that. That's something we can't do and especially here at our home court. We have to come out, throw the first punch and execute all of our plays to help us at the beginning of the game. "

Ronrico White, guard, sophomore
Thoughts on the EKU defense

"They just got out wide in the passing lanes. They really weren't allowing anyone, any of the point guards, to enter on offense. They kind of took that away. Kind of forced me to penetrate and try to make plays. I really wasn't doing that at the beginning. I turned it over the first three times and I just can't do that."

On what changes he tried to make on offense
"The coaches just told me to start being aggressive by trying to get to the basket. I came back in, they ran a play for me and I got to the basket. I got there, I just didn't finish. They calmed me down. I got my head back together and they told me to play basketball."

Thoughts on the game's closing minutes
"The final 12 minutes were better. Probably better than any other stress we had other than Kansas. It felt good just getting after the ball, applying pressure and having a little success. We didn't win the game so we're really not that happy."  

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