Postgame Quotes vs. Austin Peay

Chattanooga Head Coach Russ Huesman
Thoughts on the game
“I thought it was a good game.  We did what we needed to do.  When you play with good players, that’s the type of results you should get.  I thought Austin Peay played hard.  Right now in the state of our program, I think we’ve got a little bit better players.”

Thoughts on the play of Keon Williams
“We’ve got some playmakers.  I thought Keon Williams was unbelievable.  He’s running hard.  I think all of you guys are seeing it.  He’s running, breaking tackles and making people miss.  If he can continue to work, the sky is the limit right now.”

On getting the win over the Govs
“This is what should have happened today.  We’ve got a little bit better team than they’ve got - and when you’re better than somebody, you should play like this.  I think they’re going to be good.  I think they’re well coached, they had good schemes and I’ve been impressed with them.  But our guys went out and did what they had to do.”

On the importance of establishing an early lead
“I think that’s big, especially early in the season.  There’s going to be times where we go three-and-out or we don’t score. We can’t let that affect us. We had 412 yards of total offense and we probably could have had more.”

On upcoming Southern Conference play
“We’ve played really well these last two weeks with 42-14 and 42-10 scores. I truly believe we could have kept scoring tonight if we needed to.”

Thoughts on special teams
“I think special teams played well.  Tommy Hudson had a couple of nice returns and fielded everything.  I thought we covered all of our kicks pretty good except for one where we were a little soft.  It looked like on kickoff return we may have had some seams there that we didn’t hit correctly.”

Gunner Miller, Senior, Linebacker
Thoughts on the interception and touchdown
“I think it came at a great time because our offense had just committed a turnover. We needed some momentum back. D.J. Key made a great play on the ball to tip it, and I was fortunate enough to catch it. The defense led me right into the end zone. They made it pretty easy.”

How it feels to get another pick-six
“It feels good to get a touchdown. As a guy who got to play a little offense in high school, it’s nice to be able to carry the ball. College defensive players don’t carry the ball all that much so whenever I can get my hands on the ball, I try to get into the end zone no matter what.”

Thoughts on the defense after Austin Peay’s touchdown
“It was almost like they challenged us early on. We answered the challenge as soon as we stepped on the field and we didn’t want to let them score at all. When they scored on us the first time, we decided we really needed to anchor down and play harder on defense.”

On recording two wins in a row
“I think this win is a step in the right direction, but we have to take it each game at a time. We can’t look too far ahead. I think the first game was a wakeup call, and we saw that we had to take the season game-by-game.”

Keon Williams, Junior, Running Back
On scoring three rushing touchdowns

“It feels great to get into the end zone, but I am doing this all for my team. I want to see us win. This isn’t for me and I don’t want all of the glory. It feels good to succeed and help my team.”

On where the team is going into the bye week
“I feel good where we are at but there’s always room for improvement. There are some things that we need to work on. Once we get those things fixed, I feel like we will be unstoppable.”

On what’s clicking for the offense and his runs
“It’s my line. They are producing and I don’t have any other choice than to succeed. I am running behind someone who wants to see me do well. It’s all on them.”

Austin Peay Head Coach Kirby Cannon
Thoughts on Austin Peay’s defense in the first half
“Run defense is about stopping runs in the A-gap, B-gap and running you’re run defense inside-out. We were chasing ghosts and had some misdirections. We were really hurt on the reverses. It makes you play assignment football, and it takes away one of the things we do well and that’s pursue.  Our backside pursuit was off because of the reverses. We were having to check for the cutback and the QB-keep. That’s what happened in the first half.”

Thoughts on missed tackles
“You’re going to miss a lot of tackles if there’s a lot of one-on-one tackles. We were a little tentative on a few of those tackles too. We didn’t get into position to make the tackle on the cut-back and that was a problem we had against Vanderbilt. And sometimes we stop and wait for the runner to get to us and that’s not how you do it. That’s how you contain but that’s not how you stop.”

On the Govs’ offense
“We’re a work in progress. We made some mistakes and then made a terrible mistake at the half. The interception before the half was on the coaches. There was some miscommunication there and we should have called a timeout. We just wanted to push it down and score before the half. We have to go back and look at our offense on the tape and see where we can improve. Tim Phillips was a great leader for us today and we looked to him a lot today. We can’t be one dimensional with him, and we have to be careful about that. I thought we might have looked to him too much by handing the ball off to him back-to-back too many times. We have to take some hits off of him.”

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