Postmatch Quotes vs. Davidson - Nov. 13, 2010
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Postmatch Quotes
Chattanooga 3, Davidson 1
Maclellan Gym
Chattanooga, Tenn.
Nov. 13, 2010

Head Coach Lisa Rhodes
On your three seniors:
"It is always fun on senior day especially when you win. I think Jessica Scott played phenomenally. It was nice to see her play the way she did on the front line. It is always more fun when you win and we beat a good Davidson team. Unfortunately, we have to end our season here, but atleast we ended on a high note. It will be tough to replace those three seniors because they are all overachievers in every way. They work hard both in the classroom and on the court. They have been very dependable, loyal and consistent. They have just been a joy to coach."

On the quick start to the match:
"We came back in the intermission and talked about not dropping down. Unfortunately, we did and I think sometimes it has to deal with having some young kids on the team. We just made some unforced errors in the third set. I give Davidson credit because they picked up their play in the second set. We had a lot harder time putting the ball on the floor. I am just proud of the team for finishing the match in four and I think that speaks a lot for how far we have come."

On senior setter Bailee Chastain's play:
"She is a utility player for sure. She can do it all. They had a hard time with her serve. She picked up some balls and her net play was amazing. If there is a joust up there, then she is going to win it. That is pretty amazing for someone with her height, who is not very tall, to joust with the big players on the front line. She just remained calm, ran the offense and found the right hitters to put the ball down."

On forcing some errors from Sarah Beth Peele:
"She is an amazing players and leads the conference in kills. She is a very smart hitter and got a little frustrated because we were blocking and touching some of her balls. She actually had to change her shot up, which forced some hitting errors. She is smart and got some balls down on some tips and rolls as the match progressed. It was big factor because she is their main offensive gun."

On the net presence of Ellie and Courtney:
"It was good to see Ellie playing back to her old self. She was coming in quick on the offensive end of things and touched a lot of balls on defense that really helped us. She came up with some really key blocks at crucial times when the scores were real tight.

Senior middle blocker Courtney Barnes
On the meaning of Senior Day:
"Through the four years here, you always watch senior night. It is a big deal, but you never think that this is what our entire career led up to. This last game and it turned out that our senior night was our last game. It was great to go out with the win. We actually had the win against Western Carolina, so it was great to end our careers with a two game winning streak. It is great to play one final game with the girls and coach. I think this was one of the best game that I have seen Jess play. She did fantastic and Bailee is always great. It was great to have a good game with the two of them, have fun and pick up the win."

On overcoming a slow start:
"It was perseverance and you can use that through all aspects of life. Bailee was mixing up sets, so when they were stuck on me, Megan or Heather would get a kill on the outside and I would open back up. They were a frustrating team and that is for sure. It was a great last game. We are a feisty little team, you can't get rid of us."

On frustrating one of the conference's best hitters Sarah Beth Peele:
"She is leading the conference and is one of those players that you know is going to get her kills. You just have to try to limit them and have an answer for everything. She is a great player and can put the ball down in the deep corner, cross corner and was able to hit it anywhere. You just have to contain her."

Senior setter Bailee Chastain
On the meaning of senior day:
"It is emotional and very surreal. It is surreal counting down the days because we knew that we did not make the tournament, so we knew that this would be our last game. Sometimes you have senior day and it is emotional and stuff, but you don't know if it is your last game for sure because you get to go to play in the tournament. Knowing that it is your last game ever and the sport that you played for 10-15 years, it is very surreal. It is a mixture of emotions. I am happy that we ended on a win and most people don't get to do that with playing in a tournament. I am sad that I don't get to play the game I love with the girls anymore. I am excited the future and starting a new chapter in my life."

On distributing the ball on the attack:
"I think obviously, I wanted Courtney and Jess to have a good game. It is not going to help anything to just set them. The kills were pretty evenly distributed because everybody was an option and generating kills."

On seeing Jessica Scott having a big day:
"I was excited that she had a good game. Courtney had a good game, but has those types of games on a consistent basis. For Jess to have one of the games of her career, I think that is what senior day is all about."

Senior right side Jessica Scott
On senior day:
"We were just excited. As seniors, we were disappointed that we did not make the tournament this year and last year, but all we could do today was win. We wanted to come out and play well. We were really excited."

"It is a happy and sad thing. It is happy because a lot of extra family come into town, but it is really sad, especially for us, because it is the last time that we will be together as a team. I really truly love all those girls on the team, the coaches and everything. It is definitely something that I am going to miss."

On the team's play during the match:
"We started off really strong, which was really good to see. We faltered a little bit in the third game and won it in the fourth. I just wanted to win, so that we could go out with the win. I can confidently say that I won the last volleyball game that I played in. We came out excited and ready to go and I think everyone wanted to win this game and we were all excited to play."

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