Postgame Quotes vs. ETSU
Postgame Quotes
November 17, 2012

Coach Moore Post Game ETSU

Opening Statement
I was really pleased in the first half with our effort. In the second half we worked on our zone a little bit because we might have to play it some later in the season. Faith Dupree's situation takes a little bit away from the win tonight. I'm proud of our team we're 3-0 good start to the season. If we are without Faith for an extended period of time other people are just going to have to step in and fill the void.

Who will replace Faith?
We have Ashlen Dewart who was playing in and out with Faith to keep them as fresh as possible so that's a big blow. We'll have to look at some different options. Taylor Freedman possibly, Taylor Hall might have to play her some. Our job is to get the five best players out there on the court and we'll figure that out.

Thoughts on how the zone was working.
They were killing us on the offensive boards in the zone. That's the problem with the zone because you don't know who to box out and lose assignments. But at the same time we need to work on it and I think a good zone will look like a packed in man to man. We have to understand that the same principles that go along with a containment man to man will apply to a zone too. We've worked on it some but not enough and tonight was a great opportunity to work on it in the second half.

Thoughts on Meghan Downes' game.
Meghan is very capable of having a game like that. Every now and then you have to reel Meghan in she gets a little out of control but I'd much rather have to reel somebody in then get somebody going. She has a lot of energy we just have to make sure we funnel it in the right direction.

Did you see what happened to Faith?
One of her teammates fell across the lane and Faith was facing her and it looked like the girl fell right into her knee. It happened on the rebound attempt. I hope that we get some good news tomorrow.

Did she have knee problems before?
She hasn't had anything major. I think basically she had some tendonitis some in the past but not anything serious.

How would you describe your execution in the first half?
I thought the first half was good. We were knocking down shots and turned them over quite a bit with our man to man defense. We were up 42-20 at half so I can't complain much. There were still break downs. I think defensively and rebounding we have to get everybody to but in. we're not going to shoot 48% every night in the first half so we are going to have to play defense and rebound to keep us in some games.

Megan Downes, junior, guard

On her career night
"I guess we were slow to start the second half. I figured we needed someone to step up so with the help of my team I took that role."

On where her shots came from
"Mainly it came from the set offense. I had a lot of threes in the corner. I felt like that was the most consistent shot that I had."

On getting off to a big lead early
"It felt good. It always gets the energy going for the team. The starters get it going and the second team that goes in is pretty excited to get out there and help with what the first team was doing."

Kayla Christopher, senior, guard

On the importance of starting strong
"I thought we came out with a lot of energy. Last time we were here was a big win. There was a different atmosphere tonight. We had to keep up the intensity that we brought last time and I think we did that, especially in the first half. I think that was important for us coming out."

On the execution
"I think our defense definitely wasn't what we wanted. We gave up 18 offensive rebounds and we had eight, which is not something that we like to do. But we knocked down shots and shot the ball well, and we played hard so at the end of the day it worked out for us."

On ETSU playing zone in the second half
"Definitely in the second half I feel like it was a much closer game than it was in the first half. They started out in a zone and spread us out. We had a lot more turnovers in the second half, so they got after us a little bit."

On playing more as a team than as individuals
"Most of us are veterans so we've been playing together for a few years now. I think that is something we've been lacking the last few years. This year so far we've been able to put it all together and play as a team."


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