Postgame Quotes vs. Western Carolina
Chattanooga Head Coach Russ Huesman
Thoughts on the game
“Great win. We won a football game. We won a football game. That’s huge. I thought our guys played hard again today. I thought we played well for four quarters and ran the ball well. We broke tackles and made plays on the perimeter. I think our receivers did a really nice job on the perimeter. Jacob was very shaky in the first half but commanded it well in the second half. Our defense looked great in the first half. Three picks and we set up our offense on a few occasions. The second half was very disappointing defensively. That’s not how we are going to play. You can say Western Carolina only had 289 yards, but that’s not how we are going to play defense in the second half. I was proud that we had four interceptions today, and we only turned the ball over one time. That’s why we won the football game.”

On the Mocs defensive play
“We do take-away once or twice a week, and it’s always an emphasis. It’s all about stripping, picking up fumbles and getting interceptions. We got the interceptions today on throws that weren’t great, but we were in the position to catch them. We probably could have had a couple more if we go up for the football and judge it correctly. Those two touchdown passes were ridiculous and that can’t happen or you’re going to get beat.”

Thoughts on Chattanooga’s offense
“We had 260 yards in the first half. We had a ton of yards and threw it well. We were something like 15-19 in the first half for 180 yards. The reason we didn’t have many rushing yards was because of sacks, but I thought our offensive players and coaches did a great job.”

On controlling the football
“We controlled the ball and had nine third-down conversions. If we don’t make some of those, it’s a tighter ball game. We won the time of possession and handled the ball really well.”

Western Carolina Head Coach Mark Speir
Thoughts on the game
“Congratulations to Chattanooga. They have a great football team, and they did a nice job today. I thought we played really solid defense in the first half except for one big play. One of our guys didn’t take the back out of the back field and that got the Mocs up. I think we had four picks tonight and couldn’t get anything going offensively. We didn’t have any rhythm throwing the ball and couldn’t run the ball. Chattanooga took the opening drive of the second half down for a score and it really took the wind out of the defense. We have to get the right guys out there. We put Blake Metcalf in because we weren’t getting anything out of our kicking and field position. Blake hit a nice kick deep and to the left like we called, but we were out of position and they took it a long way against us. It is hard to rebound against a great team like Chattanooga. Our offense seems to take turns with which halves they want to play and we have to get that together. We have a big game coming up next weekend against Auburn.”

Thoughts on personnel changes throughout the game
“We were just trying to get something going with trading in and out Eddie and Troy. Troy got a little flustered so we went to see if Eddie could give us a little spark. Eddie threw a pick and we went back to Troy. Troy got settled down, but we’ve lost some guys up front on the defensive line. Late in the fourth quarter we really got wore down. We were down to three defensive tackles and trying to roll those guys in. We just have to get ourselves healthy this coming week. We have to get them healthy and play well for an entire game.”

On what the Catamounts have to do moving forward
“We are looking for consistency on little things. That’s something every football team has to do. We told our team that since the first game of the year that there are times we can play with anybody. It’s all about consistency. We just loosened up and gave up some big plays. We screwed up a few calls and some details that we’re missing. It’s hard to get 22 moving parts moving at the same time and in the same direction, but we have to get them to get their heads on straight and play football all four quarters.”

Chaz Moore, Senior, Defensive Back
On the defense’s interceptions
“We fed off each other. Coach put us in good positions to make the plays and we made the plays tonight.”

Process of putting the loss to Georgia Southern behind them
“Coach said we are going to treat every week like a championship and so this week we took it as our championship game. We’re going to take it week by week. We got the ‘W’ this week and we are going look at our next opponent within the next two days and get on them.”

Thoughts on Western Carolina quarterback Troy Mitchell
“We made good plays on him all night. We put him in some tough situations and that’s the only reason he got the turnovers. Besides that, I feel like he had a good night. He made some great plays just like any other good quarterback would do.”

Daniel Ring, Sophomore, Defensive Lineman
On playing a versatile quarterback
“Our whole main focus this week was to keep him in the pocket and making sure we had a good game tackling him.”

Jacob Huesman, Sophomore, Quarterback
Thoughts on the offense
“We didn’t make it look pretty in the first half and it started with me. I wasn’t very sharp in the first half. I thought we came out and executed better in the second half, and I am proud of the way that we responded”

On running back Keon Williams
“I said it before, he’s running possessed. He is a guy that we know we can give the ball to and he is going to rip off a chunk of yards for us. He is running well, and I am very impressed with it.”

On putting an emphasis on the passing game
“We definitely wanted to put a little bit more emphasis on it. You can say we worked our way into it a little bit. We threw some screens and short passes just to get the ball out quick. That helps the offensive line out a lot too so they don’t have to hold those blocks as long when the ball is coming out.”

Thoughts on the offensive line
“We were real thin at offensive line, but the guys that had to come in and play, played really well. Pat moved over to guard and did well. Shaun moved to center and did really well. Dock (Hunter Dockery) went down and Brandon came in, and I thought he played well. It was a very tough circumstance, but I thought that they all played a very good game today.”

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