Chattanooga Mocs Head Basketball Coach Will Wade was the keynote speaker for the university's Convocation 2013.
Wade Shares “This I Believe” at Convocation 2013

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.---Chattanooga Mocs Head Basketball Coach Will Wade received quite an honor Thursday afternoon, serving as the keynote speaker for Convocation 2013. He is the first UTC Coach in memory to tip-off one of the University’s signature events.

“I am very appreciative of the opportunity to share our values with the university community,” Wade said. “This year’s university-wide theme from the book ‘This I Believe’ was a perfect starting point to pass along the core of ‘Chaos’.”

In an inspiring narrative, Wade’s Chaos Core Values were clearly stated: Appreciation, Enthusiasm, Competitiveness, Unselfishness and Accountability.

Wade appealed to the students, faculty, and staff gathered at the Roland Hayes Concert Hall to be actionable in showing appreciation. One example of gratitude Wade encouraged everyone to do was to write a letter of appreciation to someone who has impacted their journey.

“You cannot imagine what it will mean to them and in turn, what it will give back to you,” Wade shared.

Wade exhorted the crowd to take an  attitude of “Get To” rather than “Have To” when approaching life;  to go about life “Getting to go to class” rather than having to and getting to work, study or lead instead of having to.

Wade’s passion for his values was very evident.

“I believe appreciation, enthusiasm, competitiveness, unselfishness, and accountability are the cornerstones for a meaningful college experience for student,” Wade addressed the assembly. “More importantly, I believe these attributes are applicable and necessary for a prosperous journey regardless of the season of your life. These five values will help lead you towards success and satisfaction in every day of your future.”

Practice for the 2013-14 season opens Friday, September 27. The first game of the Will Wade Era is Friday, November 8 hosting nearby Covenant College at 5:30 p.m. Season tickets are on sale at or by calling (423) 266-MOCS (6627). is the official website of the Chattanooga Mocs.  The Mocs can also be followed on their official Facebook page or on Twitter.  Find out how to join the UTC Mocs Club and support more than 300 student-athletes by clicking here.

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