Catching Up with Will Wade

Summer Q&A Series | Head Basketball Coach Will Wade | June 12, 2014

Throughout the offseason, plans to check in with all 12 Chattanooga Mocs head coaches to see what goes on during the summer months with each program. Today we visit with Anton Foy Southern Conference Coach of the Year Will Wade.

Wade energized the men’s basketball program from the moment he walked on campus. Here is what Wade had to say about the past, present and future.

A little more than a year in now, do you feel settled?
“I feel much more settled than this time last year. I’m a routine-oriented person. I have my routine down. The way we do things and the way I do things down, so it helps me be more efficient with my time and our staff. I also know more people, you know what to expect.”

Give yourself a second to look back, how proud are you of the last 14 months?
“We’ve made some good strides, but we’ve a lot further to go. We’ve laid the groundwork that is going to be consistently at the top of the Southern Conference. I feel like we have the program positioned over the next few years where we can have success and that was the goal when we got here.”

One of your core values is appreciation, what do you appreciate most about being a head coach?
“I appreciate the opportunity to represent the University and the city of Chattanooga. We have a vibrant, growing community and campus…it’s an honor to represent it and be a small part of it and hopefully, be a source of pride for both the school and the community.”

Four starters are back and seven new guys in the mix, how ready are you to start the 2014-15 season?
“I’m excited. We are going on a foreign tour to the Bahamas. Our guys are excited about that, I’m more fired up about the 10 practices we get before it. We’re ready to get going. Every year is a new team. This team will have different challenges than the last one. We have to be very careful to understand that last year was a decent year, but it wasn’t nearly good enough. It could have been a lot better…we could have ended it better. But that’s what drives us now in the offseason.”

Quick word association…what’s the first word that comes to mind about your roster:
Ronrico White: Funny
Lance Stokes: Free spirit
Martynas Bareika: Americanized
Eric Robertson: Faith
Casey Jones: Tough
Alex Bran: Shooter
Greg Pryor: Quiet
Justin Tuoyo: Out-going
Tre’ McLean: Leader
Jacolby Mobley: Competitive
Duke Ethridge: Beast
Brandon Maxwell: Smile
Shaq Preston: Athletic
Chuck Ester: Growth
K.J. Bates: Appreciative

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