Hoops & Local Heroes Unite in Conditioning Tests

The Chattanooga Mocs men's basketball team was in for a surprise. It showed up for its usual Friday morning conditioning learning there was a twist.

The team ventured down the Tennessee Riverwalk next to campus to Scrappy Moore Field, the practice home of the 2014 Southern Conference Champion football program. There to meet them was a team of Chattanooga Police and Firefighters ready to compete in conditioning tests.

"We want to be Chattanooga's Team," athletic performance coach Greg Goldin stated afterwards. "What better way than to take on Chattanooga's Team of police and firefighters.

"We appreciate what they do every day for our community."

There were a series of drills where the Mocs took on their visitors before a final grueling task that mixed the two teams together. Check out the attached video to hear and see more.

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