Postgame Quotes vs. Austin Peay - Nov. 15, 2010

Postgame Quotes
Austin Peay at Chattanooga
McKenzie Arena
Chattanooga, Tenn.
Nov. 15, 2010

Men's Basketball Head Coach John Shulman
Opening Statement:
"When you have that type of game you always look at the last second shot, and the game wasn't decided then. It was decided because we could not get a rebound. We battled and just could not get enough defensive rebounds. I thought we defended the last 25 seconds great. We had their worst 3-point shooter hitting a shot at the end of the game. It is a fine line between being happy and being heart-broken."

On value of a close game:
"We can take a lot from this close of a game. We had some guys that stepped up and made some big shots which is great to see. It all comes down to getting stops and rebounds."

On difficulty of rebounding:
"We spent an awful lot of time on boxing out. I don't think there is an excuse not to be a great rebounding team. Rebounding is important to me, but that worried me going into the season. We just have to go back to work."

On Josh Odem:
"He was disappointed on how he played at Tennessee, and I thought he came out tonight and played great. We just have to help the big guys rebound. Give Austin Peay credit. We just could not get over the hump."

On the lineup in the last minute:
"We had an offensive lineup where we could ball screen with Omar (Wattad) and he made a big shot for us. With an offensive lineup we can spread the floor and do some things, but we have to be able to stop them on the other end."

On free throw ratio:
"That is not who we are, but you have to play defense without fouling and we did not do a very good job at that."

Junior Forward Omar Wattad
On the final minute of play:
"Coach [Shulman] called a play for me to get it and either shoot the three or penetrate. When I caught it, I knew that the defender thought I was going to be gunning to shoot the three, so I gave him a fake, side stepped and knocked it down. "

On the defense on the final play:
"We were there the whole time. They did not get anything and then we defended the ball screen how we wanted to. He made a shot over our hand and it was a heartbreaker.
"He is a senior, a big playmaker and made a big shot. It has nothing to do with the last play. It was rebounding, that was the reason why we lost. It was a big shot by a good player.

On playing in a close game early in the year:
"I think a good thing that we can take is that we stuck together and did not point fingers. There were a lot of times that we could have folded, but we stuck together and stuck it out. They made a big shot at the end."

On improving the team's rebounding:
"We have to box out in the game. Coach is putting us through boxing out everyday. It has nothing to do with that. It is boxing out during the game and is a team effort by everybody. We have to stick together and bounce back."

Junior Forward Chris Early
On the heartbreaking loss:
"We just played hard and were devastated because he hit that last shot of the game. We tried to defend it the best way that we could and it was unfortunate that he made that shot."

On the game coming down to the end:
"I would not say that it is new. It is probably new since I have been in college, but I have been in situations like that basically all my life. Especially in high school coming from three straight championships in a row. I have been down that road."

On boxing out and rebounding:
"I think it made a huge difference and coach emphasized that in the locker room. On the bench during timeouts, DeAntre [Jefferson], Jeremy [Saffore], Jahmal [Burroughs] and I have to do a better job. Also, we need to do a better job of rebounding as a team. We have to take a lot of the burden on our shoulders as well."

On playing a close game early in the season:
"I think that it will give us experience and ways to handle situations like that. Once, we get down the stretch having gone through it. We will know how to handle the situation a lot better than tonight."

Sophomore Guard Josh Odem
On improving after the Tennessee game:
"Coach first asked me what was going on. I really did not know what was going on, but the team was just not all on the same page. Once we get on the same page, good things will happen. He just told me to keep my head up and play harder, practice hard and that is what I am trying to do."

On the difference in your play tonight:
"I was more active and played more defense than I did on Friday. I knocked a couple of shots down for my teammates, who passed me the ball."

On being on the floor with the game on the line:
"It is fun to be in there with the game on the line. That three really did hurt us on the last second shot. Omar got us back in the game, when he the shot towards the end. We had a good crowd that was cheering for us."

Austin Peay Head Coach Dave Loos
Opening statement:
"We are obviously pleased. I am told that this is the first time that Austin Peay has ever won here in this building, so we have to be happy with that. I thought both teams really got after each other pretty hard. This was very competitive. It was not real pretty on either side, but I think that a lot of that was due to these guys getting after each other pretty good with a lot of defense."

On Caleb Brown hitting the game winner:
"Caleb is a guy that we like to have in to defend and distribute. He took eight shots tonight and this game really came down to one possession. We had the ball last. I have to give him credit because it dod not turn out the way we drew it up in the huddle, but it never does, really. He had to create something and had the poise to do that. It is just the way it was tonight. It came down to the last possession. I like John's team. I think that he does a terrific job with them and they are going to win a lot of basketball games. That is one of the reasons I feel good about being able to win here tonight."

On the defensive effort all the way through:
"We got a little lead on several occasions and I thought we were right to try to pull away. It was not so much that we couldn't do it. It was a matter that they would not let us. Every time, we would get there with a chance to extend it. They would make a play. That is how it went most of the night. These two teams took turns making plays. One thing that both teams did was that they both played exceptionally hard I thought."

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