Postgame Quotes vs. UNCG - Feb. 11, 2012

Chattanooga Mocs Basketball Postgame Quotes
UNCG at Chattanooga
McKenzie Arena - Chattanooga, Tenn.
Saturday - Feb. 11, 2012

Chattanooga's Head Coach John Shulman
On his team's next to last possession:
"We were running a set at the end of the clock.  We were clocking it and we didn't execute the set. If I would have been smart I would have started clocking it at the five minute mark because we couldn't get a stop on the other end. We were better defensively on the offensive end holding the ball because all they were doing was driving us. We couldn't get a stop. They made plays and we didn't make plays. To tell you the truth we made enough plays to win the game. We didn't make enough stops to win the game."

Senior Ricky Taylor
On the final possession:
"I saw Keegan drive baseline and saw my man wanting to help so I had to relocate to the top. Keegan passed to me. He was kind of on my hip so I pump faked and shot. It felt good leaving my hands but it didn't go in."

On losing close yet again
"It's a lot of heart-breakers. We just have to put the nails in the coffin and seal the deal by winning and securing a rebound or locking down on defense and being more urgent. It's another disappointment tonight. We let one slip again and it's a heart-breaker once again."

Junior Drazen Zlovaric
On having a career high 22 points:
"It doesn't mean anything. I just played the game like I play every time. But we lost the game so it doesn't mean anything."

UNCG Head Coach Wes Miller
"I thought both teams really fought hard. I think it's what conference play is supposed to be about. Two teams really competing and going down to the last couple possessions. I've got to give Coach Shulman and his team so much credit. They came out and continued the play.  They played with Thursday night against Elon against us and got out to a big lead. I thought our kids did a great job of not putting our heads down and continuing to compete even though they weren't playing real well and they weren't making shots.

"We were having a tough time guarding them. Then it kind of went back and forth from there. We get up in the second half, Chatt doesn't put their head down, and they keep fighting. They go up on us late in the game, and we keep fighting. I think it was a game of two teams really fighting and competing and so many big times plays made by both teams down the stretch. Both teams deserved to win the game and it's unfortunate for them that they had to lose and really fortunate for us that we came out with the win."

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