Postgame Quotes - Mocs vs. Samford - Feb. 25, 2012
Postgame Quotes
Samford at Chattanooga
Chattanooga, Tenn. - McKenzie Arena
Feb. 25, 2012

Head Coach John Shulman
Opening Statement:
"To be down nine after a great start, to go through what these kids have gone through, I'm proud of them. They had enough character to come back and battle and get a win right before conference play. I'm happy for them. I'm happy for our seniors. I was happy for them that they ended it in a good way. They've been through a lot. We talked about it today. We said ‘We made it.' We made it to the end. At times I didn't know if we were going to make it to the end. They were very excited. They are very excited to get a win. They are very excited that tomorrow at 1:30 we start tournament preparation."

On how this win differs from others:
"It's relief. It's good to win. Winning breeds confidence and there is no way you can be good without confidence, and there is no way you can get confidence without winning. You can say you're doing great but you have to have success and we haven't had that. We've been close but we haven't had that. Hopefully this gives us a little confidence going into Friday night."

On preparing for Georgia Southern:
"We're really looking forward to it. They're very good. I understand that. They're very good. They stole one from us here. We earned it, deserved it and didn't get it. They celebrated on our court. We're looking forward to Friday night."

On Keegan Bell's play:
"You talk about having a rough year shooting the ball, he's had one. He made some big shots and what I liked about it was that he scored that ball but he also had nine assists. They're very difficult to play against in the half court. We talked about at half time that we had to get stops. That's why we were successful early and that's why we were successful in the second half. We got stops."

Senior Forward Jahmal Burroughs
Thoughts on senior and playing his last home game at UTC:
"It didn't hit me until I subbed out of the game that it was going to be my last time playing at McKenzie Arena as a senior. Emotions took over and it was just one of those feeling where you're happy but you're kind of sad because you'll never play here again. It was tough, but it wasn't tough at the same time. I am just glad I got the opportunity to come here and play for two years on a basketball scholarship under Coach John Shulman."

On scoring his career high 19 points:
"My mentality when I'm on the court is that I don't look to score. I am more of player who is looking to get the dirty work done, but if it is there- like an open layup- I am more than willing to take those, and that is what happened tonight. I got a bunch of layups at the basket and I finished."

On the positive attitude of the team going into the game:
"That positive energy started before the game. We bonded together as a team before the game. We came into the locker room and everything had a different vibe to it tonight. Despite all of the struggles we've been having, everything was just different tonight. Everything was more positive tonight. We got all of our guys together, came in all at one time and had a dance/get hype-session for the guys."

Senior Guard Keegan Bell
Thoughts on his performance during the game:
"I got into the game when we went into the locker room at half time. I took a deep breath, told myself it was my last game here, and I decided I was going to be me. I was going to be aggressive and fearless. I was going to be aggressive driving and kicking it to people, but once that fir shot went in- and like I always say, it feels pretty good- I felt like I was back in high school again. It was fun. I wasn't thinking, I was sitting there saying, ‘Oh, I am going to carry this team,' or whatever. I was just playing."

Thoughts on playing his last game at McKenzie Arena:
"It hit me last night. I came in late last night and shot around with Brett-Man. I walked in and the lights were on, and I looked down at McKenzie Arena and it looked so beautiful. As corny as that sounds, I was just sitting there and going back through all of the times I had spent in here. From my recruiting visit to Coach Shulman and the stuff that I've been through, I feel so happy. No matter what this season is, I am happy. It has been a second home. From the fans, everyone around the program and to the media, everyone has been great. It has been a very friendly, family atmosphere. I was walking out with my family, and I was kind of holding back and choking up. Just going out there and seeing Rick Hart and everyone on the last night I play basketball here was just a good feeling. I leave here very happy, grateful and fortunate to be around such good people."

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