Postgame Quotes vs. Elon

Chattanooga Football Postgame Quotes
Elon at Chattanooga
Gibbs Stadium - Spartanburg, S.C.
Saturday - Nov. 10, 2012

Head Coach Russ Huesman
Opening Statement:
"It wasn't a very pretty win but it's a good win. I give Elon credit, they're 3-7 coming in here and they played hard and never quit. They are well coached and they had good game plans against us on both sides of the ball. We have good players that made good plays when we needed them to. I'm happy for our seniors. I'm not satisfied; I'm going to enjoy this win for about 15 hours and the 2013 season starts tomorrow. The coaching staff and I have to do everything in our power to get this program better than this. We have to be better but I'm going to let them enjoy this win and I was proud of their effort today."

Thoughts on how Jacob played today:
"I don't brag on him very often but he has guts and he is a ball player. I would bet anything on him at the end of the game to hold on to the ball. He will get a first down no matter what it takes and he's done an excellent job for us this year. We had to keep the ball in his hands for the last drive to secure us getting first downs and that's what we did."

Thoughts on how the corners played. Chaz Moore and Kadeem Wise:
"Chaz plays very hard. The first touchdown we put him in too tough of a situation so that's on us as coaches. The guy made a good move and I give Elon credit for that one. Other than that I thought he played excellent. The last one Kadeem looked like he was beat, but we had other guys that were supposed to be covering. That guy is a very good player and we knew he was going to be hard to cover."

On the QB pressure today by his defense:
"Our pass rush was huge today. Davis Tull played unbelievable. Elon's coach asked if 90 is coming back and I said yes and he said "Oh no." I'll go ahead and say it he is the best defensive player in the league bar none. If he doesn't get defensive player of the year then there is something wrong with the voting. He is the best defensive player in the league."

How is he compared to defensive ends you've had in the past?:
"Right now at this point in his career, way better not even close and one of them is playing for the Atlanta Falcons right now. He is way more dynamic and fun to watch."

Thoughts on how the D-line and defense will look next year with Tull:
"The other guys on the line are going to have to compliment him. I've been proud of our defensive front all year. Derrick Lott has had an All-Conference year no question. Josh Williams has had a great year and played steady for us. Upfront we've just been good. Credit Marcus West and Nick Davison, they had them playing really well."

Elon Head Coach Jason Swepson
Thoughts on being tied at halftime 10-10:
We came out and played pretty well. We haven't kept a ball game close at half in a while. They hit us with two big plays in the first half. I give credit to coach Huesman and that team. they have good playmakers and they got the ball in their hands."

Do you feel like today's game was a reflection of the season?:
All year we show signs of being a good football team and then we show signs of being a lousy football team. There is no even-flow that you want. We have a lot to do this offseason. Everyone has to get better from coaching to the players. It's the whole program and everyone has to make the commitment."

Defensively you gave up a couple of big plays thoughts on that:
"In the first half we gave up a big catch to Robinson in the corner on the ten yard line. He just made a good play and got behind the corner. The second play we were all over the receiver (Tommy Hudson) and he just made a better play than we did. On the fumble our running back didn't think he was going to get the hand off so we just had a miscommunication there. And then we had a blown coverage on the touchdown. The two plays in the second half were really the difference in the game.

Thoughts on the pressure UTC was putting on your quarterback.
Their front four is pretty good. I think they have a few of those guys returning so we have our hands full for the next few years. They applied pressure the whole game, but we did some good things here and there."

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