Postgame Quotes vs. Samford

Chattanooga Mocs Basketball Postgame Quotes
Samford at Chattanooga
McKenzie Arena - Chattanooga, Tenn.
Monday - Feb. 11, 2013

Chattanooga Head Coach Shulman
Thoughts on the game
"Saturday was so emotional, fun and we were hyped up. I had a bad feeling about tonight. We came out dead, but then they were dead, too. Everyone was but the fans. The whole halftime talk was about how you're going to have nights like this, but you have to find a way. Great teams, and even good teams, find a way to win when you don't have your a game. Find a way. It doesn't matter. We played great on Saturday and took a loss. We don't play as good tonight and get a win. We just beat a very good basketball team and had to do it in a very unique way. Most teams that go 1-14 from the three-point line lose, but we didn't. We found a way and we gutted it out."

On how the Mocs won the game
"We gutted it out and we defended like crazy. After the first five minutes, counting overtime, in theory we held them to 42 points for a game. You hold a team to 42 points in theory, that's a win. We did make an adjustment with our press. We took it from three-fourths of the court to half court and I think that helped."

Thoughts on Lance Stokes
"Lance is a good player. Remember, Lance was a really good player before he broke his foot. He's athletic, and playing against zones is probably not something that comforts him. I thought he did a great job of putting the ball on the floor to make some plays for us, and defensively as well."

Thoughts on Ronrico White and Gee McGhee making clutch free throws
"Rico made huge ones. Listen, Gee McGee was in tears the other night after the Charleston game. To step up in that situation and make two big free throws is called maturity. I'm proud of him and our team.

On Drazen Zlovaric performing at a high level
"Well I thought he played great the other night. He didn't play great tonight. Credit Samford with their defense by changing defensively on us and playing zone the whole time. That makes it more difficult. He found a way to score and did a great job on the offensive boards."

Lance Stokes, sophomore, forward
Thoughts on offensive aggressiveness

"Coach really wanted me to get aggressive. I feel like the past couple of games like I've just been floating around out there. So tonight, I just had the mind set of being aggressive, getting to the basket and try to make plays for others. So that's where it came from tonight."

Thoughts on using the baseline
"That's really where I feel like I'm strong and slash, and getting to the basket. That comes from Rico and Gee. They're making plays up top and Z catching it, and I just kind of find an open area. So they really make it easy for me to get on the baseline, sneak in, and get an easy bucket."

Thoughts on tonight's win
"It was definitely a huge momentum turner for us. We didn't win on Saturday, but I know it was a great game, and we played really well. So I think getting this win and grinding this one out was really huge for us to catch momentum going into these next few games."

Thoughts on getting back into a groove after the injury
"It was definitely tough working back, but that's no excuse. I've been playing forever, and I should be able to come back fairly quickly. This was definitely a big game to get some confidence for myself, and definitely for everyone to get confidence as we move forward."

Thoughts on dunks
"I was thinking 'please go in'. If it could just find a way to drop in because we really needed two points. The second one I was kind of thinking flush it a little more, and try to make sure it was more definite. I was just trying to get two points."

Thoughts on current exhaustion level
"The guys are pretty tired. It's been a long season, and it comes with the length of the season. But Coach Shulman does a really good job getting guys subs, and does a nice job with the rotation. The guys are tired, but this is the money time. We have to suck it up and gut it out. That was a gut-it-out win, and we have to gut it out for the rest of the season. We can't use being tired as an excuse because everybody has played. Samford had the same schedule that we just had. We can't use that as excuse for us being tired."

Thoughts on Samford's defense
"I think they were running a 3-2 zone. So the baseline was kind of open, and then Z catching in the middle. It was tough to figure out for a while, but we got it under control and took care of it."

Drazen Zlovaric, senior, forward
Thoughts on early foul trouble

"It was frustrating. I feel like every time I foul somebody, it's kind of an in between type of foul. It's not like a hard foul like it's supposed to be. Then I get a little bit frustrated and start talking Serbian."

Thoughts on mentality in the second-half and overtime
"I feel like we had two great games against Citadel and Charleston. We played extremely hard and unfortunately fell short against Charleston, which I thought we played great. Coming in the first half against Samford, you can say we were a little bit fatigued and our legs weren't there. That's not an excuse. We came back to the locker room and asked ourselves 'did we play harder than Samford?', and we didn't in the first half. We had to come out in the second half and play harder than them. I feel like it was an ugly game, but it's a win."

Thoughts on approach the past four games
"A lot of people have asked me that, but honestly I've got nothing to lose. That's the type of attitude that I have in practice, in games and all the time. I feel like I put way too much pressure on myself senior year. After my junior year, how it ended, I just wanted to do it all. I didn't want to go home. I stayed and worked out. I did all the right things, but there were zero results. There was a battle in my head. I didn't want to mess up. I want to do everything perfect. When you play that way, it's hard to produce and do what you're supposed to do. There were 11 games left, and I just had a little talk with myself. I just said I've got nothing to lose my senior year, and for me to help the team, I just got to let it go and play like I've played."


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