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Postgame Quotes WBB vs. GSU

Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga 78, Georgia Southern 53
Asheville, N.C. - Kimmel Arena
Saturday, March 9, 2013

Head coach Wes Moore
- On the sluggish start

"Yeah, I always think that the team that played the day before has a little bit of an advantage the first 10 minutes or so because they've gotten those tournament jitters out of the way, and your kids are still kind of trying to find themselves a little bit.  We took a little different approach this year; we came in here rested up.  It took us a little while to get going, but I think it's an advantage to have the day off, in the last 30 minutes or so."

- On the last 10 minutes

"That's what I talked about.  I hate calling a timeout then, but I just wanted to remind them, 'We're going to be counting on some of you the rest of this weekend and we need to play well; get confidence and momentum.'  I thought we started out lackadaisical.  When you look at the hustle points at halftime - points off turnovers, second chance points - they were leading a lot of those points. We needed to get our attention focused on what was at hand.  We did a better job."

Guard Kayla Christopher

- On win as well as slow start in first half

"Coming in, they had an advantage. They played yesterday and this is our first game.  So I think maybe the first 10 minutes of the game just kind of got the jitters out.  We shot the ball really well, gave up a little more points than we wanted in the first half, so I think in the second half we stepped it up."

- On how well they shot throughout the game

"Oh, yeah. I looked one time and we were 10-of-20, 50 percent; so you can't ask for much better than that.  We know we're not going to always shoot well; we've got to rely on defense, too."

- On final minutes of first half

"They weren't going away and we knew they weren't going away, so we stepped it up.  We always talk about how the end and beginning of halves are important."

Georgia Southern Eagles

Head coach Chris Vozab
- On today's game

"I think our kids played really hard, they battled all year.  I'm proud of how we've grown as a team. I thought we had a solid game plan coming in.  The thing is about Chattanooga, you can't cover up everything; you're going to give up some opportunities. And trying to clog it up and cover up their inside game, we know we were giving them some uncontested 3s, and they hit a lot of them, They hit enough extend the game."

            - On future of the program

"I think we laid the foundation we needed to lay. I'm really proud of our kids, and I told our seniors that they've been a huge part of the strides that we've made as a program this year, and buying into a new system like they did helped us to lay that foundation.  I wish they had a few more wins to show for it, but we talked about everyone who's returning to have a responsibility to those guys to make sure we build this the way we want to build it, and that's something we're all going to commit to."

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