Postgame Quotes at Western Carolina - Jan. 11

Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at Western Carolina
Ramsey Center – Cullowhee, N.C.
Saturday – Jan. 11, 2014

Head Coach Jim Foster
Opening Thoughts:
“Good solid win.  Did a lot of good things.  Need to tighten up some things as you go along.  Give the players a lot of credit, the game was called very, very closely.  To the referees, credit, they were consistent the whole game.”

On the play of the freshmen:
“Without a doubt they are (getting better).  Without a doubt they are.  Moses is starting to put some things together and has done some very good things in practice.  She is starting to show a little bit of that in games.  Whitney makes some really solid plays on a daily basis.  Those young players are going to have the opportunity to develop and be really good.”

On coaching until the end of the game, even though the game is in hand:
“It is what you do this for.  Why would you not give those freshmen the same energy that you are giving the folks who started the game.” 

On the lack of scoring from the bench:
“We shot 64-65% and that group was playing really well together.  It was an opportunity to work on a couple of things and get better at a couple of things.”

On continuing this road trip at Appalachian State:
“This is part of it.  It helps with your toughness, which I think is a big deal.  The freshmen get to watch the upperclassmen and how they handle it.  That bodes well for them down the road.” 

On the play of Chelsey Shumpert:
“She played very well.  In the first half, she wasn’t looking at the basket in a timely manner.  She was looking at it late in the possession.  They really were ignoring her and that is not a smart thing to do because she can really shoot the ball.  Freshmen learn as they go along and where are my opportunities.  After a conversation with her at the halftime, she come out and made two early threes that were appropriate and she should have taken.”

Freshman Chelsey Shumpert
On her play in the second half:

“At halftime, coach just said be aggressive.  If I am open at the top of the key, then fire it up.  They have to respect what I have, so that is what I did.”

On the improving freshman class:
“We definitely are.  It comes together in practice all of the time.  We just have to know that in (three) years we will still be together.”

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