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Postgame Quotes vs. App State - Jan. 13, 2014

Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at Appalachian State
Holmes Center – Boone, N.C.
Monday – Jan. 13, 2014

Head Coach Jim Foster
Thoughts on the game:
“It is good to win games like that.  47 fouls called…it was just a very unevenly, discombobulated kind of game.  Those are the ones that make or break your season.  It is easy to win when you are playing pretty and everything is fine and the shots are dropping.  But when it’s a little bit tougher, you gotta gut those out.  I thought we did a good job of doing that.”

On the game going back and forth:
“Well, I thought we would win.  We had to do a better job on the boards and we started to do that towards the end of regulation and the overtime.  They were shooting a good, high-percentage and we were giving them some second opportunities.  Once we stopped that, once we made the first shot difficult and got the second taken care of, we were in good shape.”

On staying calm on the sideline in a tight game:
“You have to stay focused in the framework of the game and you have to do the little things that are important in a timeout, or as you are instructing your team.  Just a lot of young mistakes today, which can be frustrating.”

On playing with patience:
“Who played with patience were Alex and Meghan and Tat the last time she went in there.  They played slower, they played at a tempo at a tempo that allowed them to be successful.  Meghan was 3-6, scored seven points, three assists, no turnovers.  Alex goes 6-9, 4-7 from three, three assists, no turnovers.  They let the game come to them.  We had two games going on.  We had the people that were patient and we had the people trying to force.  We had enough going at the end to do what we needed to do.”     

On the play of Alex Black (career-high 17 points):
“She played very well.  She played more minutes.  She was doing a good job defensively.  She was patient and doing a good job offensively.  They threw a little junk and tried to take Taylor out of the game, and that is a very smart thing to do against us because she has the ball so much.  But somebody has to play slower.  Somebody has to take on that responsibility.  Meghan and Alex pick up six assists and no turnover, so they took on that responsibility of moving the ball and delivering the ball, as well as making timely shots.”

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