Postgame Quotes at Appalachian St. - Jan. 16, 2014

Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game
“We were able to get stops – string them together – and that helped us lead to our transition offense.  It helped us get out and make plays of offense.  It all started with stops.  I think we got something like 16 of 18 stops at one point near the half, so we always talk about getting three stops in a row.  We got three of those in that run, and it was a big run for us.  It was enough to give us the margin and we were able to keep it at double digits for a majority of the game.  It was all about getting stops today.”

On multiple Mocs scoring
“One thing that we’ve been good with during the streak has been never knowing who is going to score or how we are going to.  It hasn’t been pretty, but we’ve had a lot of guys step up and tonight was no different.  We had Marty step up and bang those threes in the first half to really get us going.”

Thoughts on Chattanooga’s slow start
“I thought it was more our defense.  Our offense wasn’t to its pace, and it took us a little while to settle in on defense.  We sequence our plays - running through the same plays over and over again – and we sequenced the first two plays, but we shot shots that you should never shoot off of those two plays.  I don’t know what or why we were so jittery.  We seemed out of it, but then we got those stops and that fed our offense.  We just didn’t execute well enough to start the game and we have to get that fixed before Saturday.”

On Chattanooga’s second-chance points
“We were just out-willing them on the glass.  I loved it.  Absolutely loved it.  That’s who we are.  We’re blue collar and we find a way.  We just went up there and grabbed them.  I think we got two offensive rebounds on both possessions.  It was awesome.  It is who we are and we just dug them out.  It isn’t pretty, and it never is with us, but we find a way.  We make toughness plays and that’s how you win on the road.  You have to give our guys credit for that.  Offense rebounds are about will and being in great shape.  I thought we looked like the fresher team out there.”

On Z Mason’s play against the Mountaineers
“Make no mistake, I was challenging him and he knows what I am doing.  We made a big deal about Obacha leading the league in rebounding, and I make no bones about it.  I think we have the best player in the league, and I don’t like when anybody is ahead of him in anything.  I wanted him to take it as personally as I do and he did.  He went out there and played well tonight.”


Martynas Bareika, junior, guard
On the team’s rebounding
“Rebounding was a big part of our game.  Obacha was the lead-rebounder in the SoCon so we knew we had to out-rebound them.  We all just did our best and went to the glass to keep it alive.  And it worked.  We had to get a hand on it or tip it so one of our team mates can get to it.”

On his shooting during the first half
“I did shoot well in the first half, but I just really wanted to win.  I know everybody wanted to win so I went out there and did my best.”

On the team’s streak
“We just have to keep proving ourselves.  It doesn’t matter how we win as long as we get the win.  It doesn’t matter if it’s out-rebounding, out-shooting, getting more stops or whatever.  It doesn’t matter as long as we win.”

On Chattanooga’s scoring
“That is the great part about this team.  You never know who is going to score.  Some of us are going to score, but we are more worried about getting stops.  We have an entire team that can score.  Our defense has to get stops to win.”


Z. Mason, senior, forward
Thoughts on his rebounding and matchup with Obacha
“Coach Wade was in my ear about it and kind of pulling me to the side about it.  Obacha hit the glass hard on both offense and defense.  We just wanted to make sure we could control the boards.  He came to me knowing that was the matchup that I was going to have.  I just went into it giving it all I had and all the effort of trying to keep him off the board.”

On the team’s rebounding ability
“Casey really likes crashing the boards and he has been awesome this year.  Marty also gets some rebounds that pop out and Gee comes in and grabs those, too.  Coach preaches team rebounding.  For the past while we’ve really been showing that we can rebound as a team and a unit, and it has really helped us down the stretch in the second half.  Getting those boards late on missed shots really helps us out.”

On the team’s work and winning streak
“We are having fun and working extremely hard.  We worked hard before the season, and we still work hard on shooting and our craft.  We’ve put a lot into it and it is good to see your hard work pay off.  We started off slow and now we are undefeated in the conference.  We just have to keep this streak going.”

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