Postgame Quotes vs. Furman - Jan. 20, 2014

Head Coach Jim Foster
On Chattanooga’s offensive struggles against Furman
“I constantly tell the players that offense is never guaranteed to be there and that’s why you have to be a good defensive team for days like this. I thought we did a great job with that.”

On Chattanooga’s defensive effort and rebounding
“I like the defense.  I like when we started moving the ball, we started to take control of the backboard.  Early on we took a lot of quick shots, and that’s out of character, and we’re not a good team when we do that.  We are too easy to guard, but when the ball started to move, even though the ball wasn‘t going in, the shots were more in the framework of how we play and that makes us more effective and efficient offensively as far as rebounds go because we know a shot is coming.  If you take a quick shot, and three people are on the other side of the floor just waiting for the ball to come their way, then they’re surprised by the shot. When you reverse it a few times, go inside-out, your team knows the shot is coming up and your chances of rebounding it are much better.”

What a slow offensive day means for Chattanooga
It was a sign that we played well enough today, on the defensive end of the floor and we had the energy on the glass.  When you take care of your business in all of the areas, even if one of them is not up to snuff, your chances of winning are greater.

What he does when the team is having trouble making shots fall
Get them to move the ball.  They’re playing a little bit different defense while the reality is they’re not going to be matched up very well to prevent you from going to the offensive glass. They are in unfamiliar territory.  They’re guarding a couple of people and the initial part of the game. You may end up shooting but you don’t have to shoot early.  You don’t have to shoot quickly, and once we got that through our heads then we were in good shape and we kept pressure on the ball. Eventually their passes started being a little longer, and that’s when we got into the passing lanes and got the opportunity to get in the transition.


Taylor Hall, senior, forward
Thoughts on maintaining two tight leads
“Well they got on a run there at the end of the first half and I guess it carried over into the second, but Coach told us to keep playing hard, keep playing defense and things will come to us. I think that’s what we did. We got things back under control and got things back where we wanted it to be.”

On if games like this test the team’s will
“I think so. You know we could have just given up and let them get those rebounds and made it a lot closer, but instead everyone was crashing really hard and it had a lot to do with the result.”

On if this game made the team feel more tired than any other game
“It’s about the same. We are about halfway through SoCon and I guess at that point it will start to hit us. But right now everything has been O.K., and the depth really helps that nobody has to be out there for 40 minutes. It shows throughout the season.”

Meghan Downes, senior, guard
Thoughts on the team’s momentum throughout the game
“Every time I looked up I saw someone get a steal or a big rebound.  That gave us more momentum to get out and get the lead. It was a good win for all of us.”

Despite a 20-point win, how much effort had to put in to get the win
“I think it was more today than other games and it was more shown in the second half from everybody. Not only Taylor and but also Ashlen and Alex had really good games and their effort showed in the stats. It was all just the little things they did on the floor.”

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