Postgame Quotes at Western Carolina - Feb. 27, 2014
Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at Western Carolina
Ramsey Center - Cullowhee, N.C.
Thursday – Feb. 27, 2014

Head Coach Will Wade
Opening thoughts on the game:
“Really good win.  Our guys played tremendously.  We made our own breaks tonight.  Turned the ball over a little too much, but we beat a really, really good team on their home court.  It was a good atmosphere on Senior Day.  We have been close.  We’ve been right there.  We got that winning feeling back tonight.  We had that resolve we had when we were winning those games early on.  I have been feeling really good going into to it all week.  You could probably tell by my tone.  I am just really happy for my guys for something good to happen to them like this.  This is what we needed.  Now we have to get read and continue that on Saturday at home against Appalachian State.”

On the last two possessions in overtime:
“They did a nice job.  They had him trailing and they got it to him.  Gee did a nice job standing there on a step-through and it was an air-ball pretty short.  Our guys did a nice job, they are executing.  Good job on the press forcing the jump ball.  We just made some plays, we hung in there, it wasn’t perfect or pretty.”

On Martynas Bareika’s shot at the end of regulation:
Huge shot by Marty to send it to overtime.  It was the same play we ran earlier.  We had the play wide open out of a time out and they guy called a hand-check and Marty was going to be wide open.  So we put that in our back pocket and knew we could use it again later on in crunch time.” 

On Ronrico White’s three late in the overtime:
“Ronrico hit a huge three.  That three was huge that he hit, off a broken play when we were down four.  We were trying to go to the rim and they did a nice job switching.  They covered Marty up on the switch.  We were sliding him to the corner and he hit a shot.  Big play by him.”

On the play of Z. Mason:
“He did a nice job.  He attacked.  I thought he could have gotten to the free throw line a few more times.  We shot 38 free throws and we made more than they attempted, which is what you want to do any night.  Our guys did a good job.  We attacked the rim.  We put a lot of pressure on the rim.  They collapsed, which is why Z turned it over a bit.  That was their game plan.  We have to kick it out a little bit more.  Overall, it was a nice job attacking the rim and getting into the paint, the front of the rim and making plays.” 

On the play at the end of the first half:
It was an exhausting game for both teams.  Both teams played well.  The biggest part of the game was when they went up six with about six minutes to go in the first half.  We have been working in practice on hanging in there and playing better around halftime.  We did that and we went into halftime with a two-point lead.  Our guys really hung in there and made a good run towards the end of the half.  Got some stops and went into halftime with a lead as opposed to being down 10 points.”

On the adjustments made in the game:
“They made some great adjustments.  They made some great adjustments covering our offense from the first game.  Some of the stuff we anticipated, a couple of them we didn’t and had to change it on the fly tonight.  They hurt us with the ball-screen and we had to get Z. back in a just fight over it better.  We were in our standard zone for the first part of the game.  Then with about 12 minutes left, they were just drilling us from three in the zone because we were not covering down and covering over.  So we changed our matchup where we could cover the three-point line a little bit better.  I think that was key for us.  Coming down the stretch, we did a nice job covering up their threes and not getting beat from the three-point line.”

Can this game be a confidence-builder:
“We have done a pretty good job coming from behind.  I just wish we didn’t have to come from behind.  We were down seven at Samford, came back and got that thing to overtime. We’ve done a pretty good job of that, we don’t need to make a living doing that.  That’s the mark of a good team, just finding ways to win.  Now we have that confidence back, we’ve got that edge back and that’s what we need.”

Casey Jones – So.-F
On the tough, physical play of tonight’s game:
“This is one of the toughest teams in the conference…They are a tough team and they definitely wanted it tonight.  They have five seniors and I know they defeinitely wanted it tonight.  But, we wanted it too and it was a good game.  It was a battle of two tough teams.”

On the jump ball in overtime:
Lance Stokes with that jump ball was big.  The little things that go under the radar always wind up being big.  Lance did a good job today.  Even though it didn’t up on the stat sheet, Lance is big for us.”

On the go-ahead shot in overtime:
“Lance got the jump ball under the basket and we were down by one.  We needed two point and Z. was out of the game.  I am a two-point specialist, I guess.  Layups are my thing.  Coach had faith in me – I don’t feel like I played well – but coach had faith in me and I got the ball and did it for coach.”    

On going strong to the basket:
“All of the coaches tell us to stop going up there trying to get fouled.  You have to go up and score.  If you get fouled…and-one hopefully.  I try not to go up there and think about getting fouled.  I just elevate over whoever is under there and try to finish.”

On your role changing after Z. fouled out:

“I think they have high expectations of me with or without Z.  When he is on the floor, when he is not on the floor, they expect me to get to the rim.  When he went out, I am the next best man to get two points.  Z. is first obviously, and I am pretty good at the basket too.  Then next best man.  No added pressure.”

On winning a road game on someone else’s Senior Night:
“Senior Night on someone elses, it feels good.  They are a good team and good dudes too.  They are not one of the teams that talk a lot of smack, but they get after it.  It is a good feeling.  Any competitor would feel good after going on Senior Night, last road game of the year and getting in a win in overtime like this.   

On the respect these two teams have for each other:
“After the game, they don’t say ‘good job 24,’ they say ‘good job Casey.’  It is a lot of respect between the two teams.  I respect Western Carolina a lot, every player on their team.”

Martynas Bareika – Jr.-G
On the three-pointer at the end of regulation:
“It was just a regular shot.  Didn’t even think about it sending us to overtime.  It was just one more three.  I knew it was going in.  I had a guard right on me, but it didn’t matter, I knew it was going in.”

On the win overall:
It is a huge win and it is going to help our confidence a lot.  We really needed it, for our confidence, for a better performance at the SoCon Tournament.  It was a big win.”

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