Postgame Quotes vs. Auburn

Chattanooga Women's Basketball Postgame Quotes
Auburn at Chattanooga
McKenzie Arena - Chattanooga, Tenn.
Sunday - November 24, 2013

Head Coach Jim Foster
Thoughts on the game
“We played a good basketball game. Seven turnovers is a good number. We played well. When you see points in the paint, generally speaking that’s a good low-post player. But in this case, it was sort of a team effort. There were a lot of layups, ball moving, cutting and unselfishness.”

 Thoughts on the offense vs. defense
“Until I watch the film, I really don’t place a value on if the offense or defense played better. Too often something you think you see, or you thought you saw, is not there. Maybe it isn’t what you thought it was. I think it is unfair for me to jump out to opinions without watching the film. I can talk about effort. I liked their effort. I think we did a good job of taking care of the ball, for sure.”

On Chattanooga’s resurgence against Auburn toward the half, in the second half
“We started the game with a lot of layups. That isn’t going to continue. This is a game of runs, and it is going to go back-and-forth. We just started to take our time and spaced ourselves a little bit differently. We attacked their zone a little bit differently. That started to give us better results.”

On Taylor Hall’s play
“We practice that stuff. I have been doing this for 36 years, and something I haven’t coached is a great passing front-court player. If you look at great basketball teams in history, the Celtics’ Larry Bird was a great half-court passer, Dave DeBusschere and Bill Bradley were greats passers as forwards. Really significant basketball teams have had that dimension and that’s what Taylor Hall is. She is really a power forward who had seven assists and zero turnovers. If you look at her assists-turnover ratio at her position, it is kind of amazing. This is fun.”

Meghan Downes, guard, senior
On getting the win over Auburn going into the Hawaii trip
“It’s a positive note. It gives us momentum going into Hawaii. We have three tough teams we are going to be playing, but everything has been going right for us. We have been working on it during practice. The past couple of games some things have gone wrong and we can’t seem to get it right, but everything was clicking today. I am look forward to our next game and playing as a team.”

Thoughts on her offensive production against Auburn
“When you feel good I guess you just feel good. It’s just not me. Other players have had those good days. It’s just a good feeling.”

Ashlen Dewart, forward, senior
Thoughts on the 14-0 run to start the game
“I think it eased our minds about the game. It made us more comfortable, but we knew they were a good team and could come back to make a run. I think we did a much better job tonight of playing consistently and not going on runs to let them trade baskets. I think we got a lot better tonight.”

Thought on Auburn’s run toward the half
“We didn’t really lose our heads about it. We just knew we had to clean it up and play harder. I felt like they were scoring more off our mistakes than us not playing good defense. We just played more consistently, and Meghan stepped up huge for us tonight. Almost everyone on the team scored. We moved the ball really well and it was a great over-all team win.”

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