Chattanooga Women's Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga Women’s Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga vs. Minnesota
Waikiki Beach Rainbow Wahine Tournament
Stan Sheriff Center - Honolulu, Hawai’i
Friday - Nov. 29, 2013

Head Coach Jim Foster
Opening thoughts on the game:
“We have got to come with a mentality that it doesn’t matter who you are playing.  Play from the beginning.  You can’t walk out thinking the other team is good, thinking the other team is someone that you have to play differently against.  If we had that mentality from the get-go, I think it would have been a much better day.”

More on the play in today’s game:
“I have said before, we are a good basketball team.  We have got some stuff we will improve on and get better.  We have got to take some things personal.  We gave up one or two really big shots – and there were seniors involved – to Banhum.  She is a great offensive player, but you can’t wait on the underside of the three-point line when she has the ball.  It has to be personal and you have to be up over the three-point line and assume she is going to take the shot.  We will get better at that stuff.    

On the play of senior Taylor Hall:
Taylor is a highly conditioned basketball player, highly conditioned athlete and knows how to play the game.  We put her in a lot of different positions and have her do a lot of different things for us.  She was double-teaming a lot today.  Rebounded a lot, obviously.  Scored.  Played a great basketball game.” 

On playing aggressively:
We are going to go after people and that is not going to disappear.  We just have to get a couple more to understand what that means.” 

On the full court pressure UTC used in the game:
We felt that was to our advantage.  I think they are an absolutely terrific half-court basketball team.  They execute at a very high level.  We had them discombobulated for a large part of the evening.”    

Sophomore Tatiana Jackson
On playing nearly the whole game:
“It was my adrenaline that really kept me going.  I really didn’t feel it until I came out of the game.  I was fine out there.”  

On getting a second wind:
“It is definitely mental.  You have to want to win.  You have to want to be out there.  I think that I wanted to win got me going and got me more energy.” 

On falling behind in the first few minutes of the game:
“It did take us a while to get into the game, but once we got warmed up and got comfortable, I think we really played hard and came back.  We have to learn to … play the while game, the whole 40 minutes. 

On the difficulty of getting out of an early hole:
It is harder when you dig yourself a whole and I think that is what we did.  It was a game we definitely could have won.  We have to learn from this and play 40 minutes next time.” 

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