Postgame Quotes vs. Georgia Southern

Head Coach Jim Foster
On the team’s effort

“I thought the mental effort wasn’t there.  We were very casual.  Two weeks is a long time to go without a game, and six of those were off days.  We have to get back into the grind and understand what 40 minutes is.  I think we will be able to do that and games like this are what you need to remind you what you need to work on.”

On what changed for the Mocs in the second half, leading to the win
“I think the defense was a little more patient and the offense was taking advantage of more opportunities.  When we move the ball we are hard to guard.  When we stand still and try to make plays we are very easy to guard.”

On the flow of the game
“Games take on many different forms and shapes.  You have to weather the storm.  This game was a lot more a game of runs with all of the media timeouts.  It’s a stop-and-start affair and it’s difficult to maintain your flow.  You have to play in spurts and we had a really bad spurt defensively.  And the offense had a rough run.  We had four turnovers in the first half and 12 in the second.  We only got 17 shots off that half because we kept turning it over.”

Taylor Hall, forward, senior
What went wrong in the second half
“I think it was just effort.  We got a lead and I think we got complacent with it.  We started to relax, and you could see that on the defensive end especially, so I think we have to blame it on effort.  We have to play hard like it is a tie game, regardless of the score, and never give up.  We shouldn't have lost that lead.”

Coach Foster’s thoughts on the second-half effort
“He wasn’t happy with our effort.  He expects more out of us and we can feel it too.  We knew that Georgia Southern got on a roll in the second half and that shouldn’t happen.  That is something we should control and didn’t this game. We need more effort and better defense.  We had to rebound because we were getting killed on the boards for a while.  We just have to get our heads on straight and play harder.”

Expectations of Georgia Southern coming in
“We knew they had some good shooters and guards.  Their post really likes to rebound, so we were hoping to control their three-pointers and box out.  I don’t think we did a great job on that so I think that’s something we need to work on.”

Alex Black, guard, senior
On hitting a lot of key shots
“I didn’t hope that we needed them that bad. We ended up needing those key shots.  I’ve just been shooting, and if it was open I was going to take a shot, but I wasn’t going to rush it.”

Thoughts on being back at McKenzie Arena
“I think it was good for us to finally be back home.  We were joking earlier about how it felt like an away game because we haven’t been here for so long.  I think that it’s good that we’re here, and it was an ugly win but we have to keep pushing forward.”

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