Postgame Quotes vs. Western Carolina - Feb. 10, 2014

Head Coach Jim Foster
Thoughts on the game starting out slow
“The way they run their offense - they run dribble drive.  They were so patient.  They were eating large chunks of the clock up.  Maybe 25 to 28 seconds, and I think one time they got an offensive rebound which means they had the ball for a minute.  As a result we couldn’t get going.  I don’t think it was the fact that we started slow, but their tempo and how they wanted to play the game had a lot to do with it.”

On points scored in the paint
“We did a pretty good job of moving the ball tonight.  We did a pretty good job of cutting, and when you pass well and move well you’ll get a lot of high-percentage shots.”

Thoughts on the first half’s low scoring
“Well the tempo of the game was such.  It was a 28-point half.  We score more than that but they are a team that scores about 60 a game and they give up about 60 a game.  They’re a good defensive team, they play a lot of different defenses and they make you take a little bit more time offensively than you might like to take.  You have to be patient.  If you quick shoot against them, you’re playing the way they would like you to play, and we did that a little early and once we stopped doing that we get pretty good.”

On Western Carolina’s defense in the second half
“They match up a little, they play a couple of different zones, they’ll play man to man, and they’ll play soft.  I think Karen does a good job.  She’s a good coach and you coach who you have in the gym.  They’re very patient and they have some three-point shooters, and I think we did a very good job in the first half against them, but I thought we did an even better job in the second half.”

On lineup substitutions
“I just think we have depth and we can wear teams.  And if you have depth, use it. It allows you to maintain pressure longer, but they have to buy in with the ball movement, sharing the ball, and that allows you a larger number of players.”

On warding off complacency
“If they’re aware of it they didn’t hear it from me.  It’s about today and it will be about Wednesday. We’re an everyday team.  We practice hard, we compete in practice, and then we play hard.  It’s about today and nothing else matters.”


Ashlen Dewart, senior, forward
Thoughts on Chattanooga’s defense

“We have been working on defense a lot. In practice we really try to focus on keeping teams to a certain number. I think that was part of our goal tonight, but we got to convert on the offensive end when we got those stops and we started really slow on that.”

Thoughts on the game’s low-point total
“I think that’s our goal and that’s what we wanted. We try to focus on that a lot.  Defense creates offense so I think we did a pretty good job on that tonight.”

On if it feels like Chattanooga has won 21 straight games
“I think we just keep on pushing and focus on the next game. Not really focus on what we have done and let up because we still have a lot of goals we want to accomplish this season.”

Alex Black, senior, guard
On playing the second guard position

“I think it’s a different mentality there and I think I personally need to step up there. I didn’t realize that in the beginning but I am starting to now.

On Western Carolina
“I think they did a really good job on defense and I think they didn’t want us to know what they were doing on defense. I feel like we didn’t really know either so they did a good job of changing it up on us.”

On Western Carolina’s clock management
“ I think as the game went on we did a better job of that, but when you don’t exactly know what they are in you might get stuck into positions you don’t really know what to do with. But I think we fought our way out of it.”

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