Postgame quotes - Samford - 2/22/12
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Samford - February 22, 2012
Pete Hanna Center, Birmingham, Ala.

Head Coach Wes Moore

On Samford's quick start
"You've got to give Samford credit. They're coming off a road trip, we've had more rest than them, they've got one of their starters - one of their best players - out sick and they just come out in the first half and hit us in the mouth and say ‘Hey. It's ours'. We weren't ready to play and they were. You've got to give them credit too. They hit shots. I have to look at myself and say am I doing anything to get us good looks and are we knocking down open looks when we get them? It's probably a combination of the two things.

"I'm more disappointed we go outrebounded in the first half, we got out-hustled and obviously got outscored by 11 and then the second half we do a much better job. Win the rebound battle, actually end up outscoring them in the second half. But when you're playing a team like Samford, you can't expect to show up and play 20 minutes and win the game. You're going to have to play 40 minutes.

"They're a lot of things to look at. I'm disappointed in myself. Offensively, 48 points isn't going to get it. We're going to have to find a way to get more points and play better offensively.

On getting back to within four late in the game
"We did much better in the second half. The effort was better. We got back to within four, had a shot at it, but then they knocked down a couple of 3's and that's it.

"Paige Anderson knocked down back-to-back 3's and it goes from four to 10, that's the ball game. Again you've got to give them credit. They shot almost 40 percent from the 3-point line, 45% from the field. They've got great shooters, they run a good offense and they execute it well. They do the little things. I feel like we're not doing the little things right now. That goes back to the head coach. I take the blame and the heat.


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