Postgame Quotes vs. Appalachian St. - Feb. 27, 2012

Postgame Quotes
Appalachian St. vs. Chattanooga
Chattanooga, Tenn. - The McKenzie Arena
Feb. 27, 2012

Head Coach Wes Moore
Opening Statement:
"Appalachian State makes you play at a frantic pace. I was shocked that we still had more assists than turnovers when the dust settled because it got pretty crazy out there. I'm proud of the seniors first of all. Tenisha Townsend handled the heat pretty well, and hit some big free throws down the stretch. I thought Whitney Hood in the first half, when we could get her the ball some, she did a great job and got us off to a good start. It was good to see them play well. Obviously, Taylor Hall, when she's hitting threes, we're a different team. It made a big difference for us. Then probably another big stat was rebounding. They completely destroyed us at their place on the boards, out-rebounding us 48 to 25. So for us to win the rebound battle tonight, I thought was really big. A great team win. Now whether you finished first or eleventh or whatever, now we erase the board and start over and have a mini season of hopefully three games in Asheville."

On winning heading into the tournament:
"It was a good way to finish up. We talked about that. We would like to have some momentum going into the tournament. The scary thing is we gave up 71 points so we're going to have to figure out a way to defend them a little bit better and handle the press a little better. But that's the way they make you play. Even once you break the press in the front court, they're going to trap you as soon as you get across. It's not like you can get across half court and exhale and say ‘Ok, wow. We made it.' They're coming at you. There still coming. It's tough. You aren't used to seeing that every day. It takes you out of your routine and what you like to run. As a coach you're helpless. Once they toss it up, I can almost just go eat some popcorn and pray and hope we hold on. But it was a great team win."

On how his team is prepared after this game:
"We've got some work to do, no doubt. It will be a challenge if we see them again. It's nice to know that you are capable of beating everybody in the league. We now know that. Now it's just a matter of can we go out there and do it three days in a row."

On never giving up the lead in the second half:
"With them it's all about momentum. If they would have ever gotten the lead it might have given them that extra boost they needed. Our kids made some big shots and made some nice plays. They hung in there and persevered. That's a tough team to play when you're going to get pressed 40 minutes baseline to baseline, and in the half-court you're going to get trapped. Taylor Hall played too many minutes, I'll be honest with you. But it's hard to take that kid out when she's knocking those shots down."

On Whitney Hood's performance:
"I think Whitney Hood moved better tonight. She had a little extra pep in her step. We hope that will continue. We're going to take some time off here and let them get rested up. At this time of year, having fresh legs is probably more important than anything else and we're going to need it over there if we play three in a row."

Sophomore Forward Taylor Hall
On her night, despite App State's pressure defense:
"We knew if we drove in they had a tendency to help, so there was an opportunity to kick it out. Our guards did a good job of kicking it when they had the chance."

On if it was redeeming to beat the top two SoCon teams to end the season:
"I think so. We had the opportunity to go undefeated at home, which is a pretty big deal for us. We just needed this momentum to go into the tournament and hopefully it carries over."

Senior Forward Whitney Hood
On App's defensive strategy:
"They do a lot of helping and pressing. We made good passes out and whenever I got it I kicked it out and we knocked down our shots."

On if her team sent a message:
"I think we sent a message. Next week is a new season and hopefully we will be ready for the challenge."

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