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Coach Moore Press Conference

Opening Statement
We have a big challenge with Tennessee Friday night but at the same time a very big opportunity and I think that's how you have to look at it. I hope our players are excited about the chance to play one of the top programs in the coiunrty and hopefully we can play at a high level and be prepared to compete. It's also a little bit of a sad note not having Coach Summitt coach for the first time. But I definitely think Coach Warlick is deserving of this opportunity and has put her time in.

How well do you know Coach Warlick?
I know her pretty well, as long as I've known Pat. I used to work their camps back in the early 80s and 90s. I've been around them quite a while. She has paid her dues and invested a lot into that program so it's good that she gets the opportunity to be their head coach.

Do they look any different in their first exhibition games?
I know they're trying to pay at a very fast pace which they have always done. They're picking up full court man to man and speeding the game up on both ends of the floor. Offensively they are spreading you out and looking to attack you off the dribble or flash somebody into the post. You won't see any curve balls or change ups it's going to be all heat which presents a big challenge.

Thoughts on having somewhat better experience than they do.
From that standpoint it is always good going in to the game with a veteran team. At the same time our experiences the last couple of years have not been good over in Knoxville. We do have some kids that were freshman the last time they came to us when we had a lead with a minute and a half to go and let that one get away from us. So hopefully our kids that have been here have a short memory and can focus on us not them. We can't get caught up on the name on the front of their jersey or were going to be in a lot of trouble.

What did you do in that game that allowed you to be so competitive?
I think we shot the ball well and they didn't shoot well at all. We did a good job on transition defense and took care of the ball well. We did the things that you have to do well when you play a team like Tennessee. They are very athletic and are going to try and get you to turn the ball over which will lead to a lot of points by them. So taking care of the ball and keeping them off the offensive boards are the two most important things we have to do.

How do they measure up with size?
They have some pretty good size down low and inside but nothing too much to handle. They have some pretty good post players that are both long and athletic. What concerns me is their ability to run the floor because at the post position we have good height and can match up well but I am worried about the speed factor.
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