Postgame Quotes vs. UNCG

Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at UNCG
Greensboro Coliseum - Greensboro, N.C.
Sunday - Jan. 27, 2013

Chattanooga Head Coach John Shulman
Thoughts on the game
"We defended really well in the first half, but we ran into an amazing performance by Simpson. I was so mad at Eric Robertson for fouling on a three-point shot, and I know he was thinking we needed to stop Simpson somehow, but we weren't stopping him. It was his night and we weren't going where he could go. Simpson has a chance to be a pro, but he was on fire tonight and hitting shots from 30 feet. They ended the first half on a great play. With six second left, they threw Simpson the ball and he let it loose from 28 feet away. That was a great play, and we were completely outcoached tonight. At the end of the shot clock, Simpson didn't even know he had two second and hit one from 30 feet standing flat-footed. Sometimes things happened, and for some reason we didn't get a lot of breaks. To withstand that kind of shooting performance and to cut it to two points on the road presents some positives. The game was decided because we couldn't get a defensive rebound. You're going to have a tough time when you can't get a defensive rebound."

Thoughts on the Mocs effort
"I liked our effort. We battled and cut it to two points. But I don't know if we fell asleep, if Lance was waiting for a dribble off to Simpson and they drove it or what, but we pushed all of the right buttons as much as we could push. They were better than we were tonight. They had Simpson and we didn't. I thought Z. Mason got great looks and did a great job of pounding it inside, and that's what we are going to continue to do. I thought we did a better job tonight and maybe we can get adjusted without Dontay. I feel like we can grow a little from this. They are disappointed in this."

Thoughts on the team's improvements
"We played our tail-ends off, we made stops and buckets, but they were shooting 50% from the three-point line. It's usually over at that moment, but we battled. I blasted them at 10 a.m. because I am tired of losing and I hope they are, too. At some point, you have to get your neck strong and I thought we got a little tougher today. It's time to go back, soul search a little and see why we aren't rebounding the ball. We need to make adjustments and get our people on the right page."

Ronrico White, guard, sophomore
Thoughts on the game
"I feel like we did a good job of fighting the whole game. We only played one half during the last game, but I thought we played the entire game tonight. We just let them get too many offensive rebounds, and when you don't get many offensive rebounds and they're making every three-pointer, we can't have that."

Thoughts on moving back to point guard
"If this team needs me to play at the point, then that's what I am going to do. The first half of the season at the point was a big adjustment, but now I feel like I am comfortable at playing the one, two or three."

Thoughts on the team's aggressiveness
"I feel like everyone did a good job of staying aggressive. We didn't settle tonight. We stayed aggressive on offense and defense, but we needed to get the defensive rebound tonight. We just couldn't do it."

Z. Mason, forward, junior
Thoughts on moving forward
"We need to regroup. It's not a long shot at all. We have to tweak some simple things, like getting defensive boards in the clutch. We just need to do the small things and make simple plays in games. If we can do that, we'll be fine. We just have to continue to work. This team is young but they are a lot of hard workers. We still have 10 games left and anything can happen."

On wanting the ball late in the game
"I still feel like I let my team down. I need to keep working, along with the rest of the guys, and keep fighting. That's all you can do. We still have 10 games left so it's not over by any means. We need to keep fighting as a team and keep getting better."

Thoughts on battling the entire game
"If everyone on this team can say they game it their all, we can do a lot of good things. We all need to leave it out on the court and do all we can. Win or lose, we need to keep fighting."

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