Postgame Quotes vs. Covenant

Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga vs. Covenant
The McKenzie Arena - Chattanooga, Tenn.
Friday - November 8, 2013

Chattanooga Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on Friday’s crowd at McKenzie Arena
“I want to thank all of the students who came out and supported us tonight. It was better than I expected, and I want to thank all of the fans who came. To have the largest season opening crowd since 1995 is awesome. We’re just so appreciative for all of our students and fans. We are happy that so many fans were excited and supportive of us.”

Thoughts on the game
“I thought we played well in spurts. I thought we fouled a little too much in the second half and put them in the bonus too quickly. I thought we were a little fatigued in the first half, which led to fouling and walking them to the foul line. That’s an area that we have to continue to improve. I was proud of the way we shot at the foul line. We shot around 78% from the foul line and we’ve put a lot of work into that – especially with the new rules and how we are going to attack on offense.”

On Gee McGhee’s free throw shooting
“For Gee to go 7-for-7, that’s a huge improvement and we’ve put a lot of time in with Gee. Wes Long and Gee shoot it at 10:30 and 11 p.m. some nights. He was in the gym shooting 200 free throws at 11 a.m. today. It’s great to see that work paying off.”

Thoughts moving forward to Radford
“We’re excited that we didn’t have to play a lot of guys a lot of minutes. We need to rest for Monday, and Monday is a whole new challenge. We have to go on the road where it is going to be a lot tougher. It’s going to be the exact opposite of what we had here. We had a great home crowd and had everyone behind us cheering, but on the road everyone is going to be against us and we have to bring our own energy. We’re going to have to make our own breaks and have great response to adversity when it hits us. It was a good win, but we have a lot of improvements to make between now and Monday. We’re going to get back to work tomorrow and get back at it.”

Z. Mason, Forward, Senior

Thoughts on the game
“This is what we have been practicing since June. When we all got together for the summer and began preparing for the season, Chaos was all we focused on. Coach Wade was instilling the goals he wanted us to stride for and our team’s goals. We knew our goals and we put in all the work over the past few months. It is just good to finally see it pay off. We want to continue to win and we will continue to work hard. We want to keep the crowd in the game because that really helps us bring Chaos to McKenzie Arena.”

On the crowd at McKenzie Arena
“We put a lot of work into getting students out to the game. We handed out doughnuts this morning and we are sending a check to the Greek organization that shows us the most support. We’ve really put in a lot of work and we want this great crowd to roll over into the rest of our home games.”

Thought on the hustle of the team
“We are fighting for every point. We are fighting for every loose ball, crashing the glass and getting those second-chance points. We want to do that all 40 minutes of the game.”

Gee McGhee, Guard, Sophomore

On his confidence from the free throw line
“Going 7-for-7 tonight at the line has really boosted my confidence. I am focused when I am at the line and I know I can make it. I don’t let anything take me out of my game.”

Thoughts on the fan support
“The fans, school and city showing their support for us made tonight very special. They really showed us how much they believe in us and what we are doing. I loved the atmosphere and hope it is like that from here on out.”

Thoughts on his dunk, the first of the season for Chattanooga
“I don’t dunk much at all. I got the steal and thought about going for the layup, but my guy backed off. I figured I’d give the dunk a try and just hoped I wouldn’t miss. When I slammed it, the crowd’s reaction really gave us a ton of confidence, got us fired up and made us feel great.”

Greg Pryor, Guard, Freshman

On playing in his first collegiate game
“It was very special. I didn’t expect it to be that loud and the crowd to be that big, I guess. This was my first game and the first time playing in a big environment like this. I’ve only played in an arena this size once in my life. Having that many people out to support us was a big boost to our confidence.”

What he will remember from his first college game
“The first thing I am going to talk about when someone asks me about my first college game is how loud it was and how big the crowd was tonight. The band, the fans and students was great. It was very noisy and it forced me to call plays with my hands. It’s way different than playing in a high school game and the game is much faster. You have to be very poised.”

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