Postgame Quotes - Mocs at Radford - Nov. 11, 2013

Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at Radford
Dedmon Center - Radford, Va.
Monday - November 11, 2013

Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game
“We never got into rhythm in the first half. We were able to get into the rhythm in the second half and played really well, but we didn’t attack enough to score. We got into some foul trouble and picked up some fouls that weren’t very smart. We weren’t able to set our press, but when we did in the second half, it gave them fits, and we were able to come back and play really well. We just didn’t get off to a good start. We drove to the rim on the first possession and didn’t put up the best shot, so we have to start off attacking and going in there to score. We were in there looking for fouls too much and fading away. We had wide open looks from three-point range and just didn’t hit any in the first half.”

On the defense after taking shots
“We had good looks, but we were shooting midrange and jump shots and they were grabbing them and running with them. That’s why we need to attack the rim more and get stuff at the rim so we can get back and set our transition defense. You’re not going to win on the road giving up almost 90 points. We settled down in the second half and did a better job. They only shot four three’s and only hit two. They didn’t shoot it as well, but we gave them too much too easy in the first half. We didn’t get enough easy shots in the first half.”

Thoughts on the overall game plan
“It’s a work in progress. When we get the style of play going like we did for an eight minute stretch in the second half, good things happen. We had a wide-open three from the corner to cut it to six points and our guys battled. They really stuck with the plan, but we couldn’t seem to get to that plan quick enough. To our guys’ credit, they kept their gloves up, kept fighting and taking jabs. We were able to deliver some ourselves.”

On Chattanooga’s near-comeback
“Our guys stuck with what we were trying to do, which was good to see. When you’re on the road, you have to execute the plan. We just didn’t give ourselves enough opportunities early enough to execute our plan. When we did we were fine, but we just let it slip away too much early. We got it down to three in the first half after we withstood their initial punch. I thought we were going to settle down after that, but we ran into foul trouble that really took its toll on us.”

Gee McGhee, Sophomore, Guard
Thoughts on the Mocs’ making it a close game near the end

“We noticed whenever we decided to come back and play, deciding not to lay down, we played as a team and came back as one unit. We just played together. We said that if we lost, we would lose as a team. If we won, we would win as a team. No man is left behind, so we have to play for the person next to us. We just kept hacking at the lead. We got it down to 11 and 12 points within the lead, we just kept our heads down and played hard.”

On Chattanooga’s mindset during the comeback
“That’s the wrong approach to take. We are all warriors and we have to play for each other. In order to do that, we can’t take bad shots or take a play off. We just have to keep playing throughout the bad and the good.”


Z. Mason, Forward, Senior
Thoughts on playing on the road
“You’re always playing uphill on the road. But we fought back because Coach Wade just kept telling us to keep fighting. We cut the lead down to nine at one point, and he kept preaching to keep fighting. It’s tough playing on the road anywhere, but we have to fight through that adversity and play hard.”

On getting back into a rhythm and improving
“A lot of it was us making baskets and getting into our press. That was something we weren’t able to do in the first half because we weren’t making that many shots. If we’re making shots, that helps us get back into the press and causes trouble for our opponent. We just have to keep fighting. We didn’t play as good as we wanted to, but we have to keep playing hard and go back to fix mistakes. We’re not far off at all. We just have to go back and fix some mistakes so we’re ready for Saturday.”


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