Postgame Quotes vs. UAB

Chattanooga Head Coach Jim Foster
Thoughts on Chelsey Shumpert’s performance
“She just played like she has been practicing. Our freshmen have been getting better and we have been getting them into games. It hasn’t been as easy as we would have liked because we’ve played some pretty good basketball teams, and hopefully the freshmen stay patient and stay ready. We’ve seen her do that for the last three weeks. She was a train wreck the first three. She has really gotten smarter and has played at a different tempo the last three weeks. Her run from when she makes a shot to defense needs to improve. It’s like a homerun trot. But this is a kid who scored 25 points a game, was the best player on her team and could do whatever she wanted to do to coming to a place where there are a lot of good players on the floor. How do you blend you talents? The first three weeks were interesting.”

On Chattanooga’s slow starts
“It’s the fourth game of the year. If they were doing everything they were supposed to be doing the fourth game of the year, we probably wouldn’t be good in the 24th game of the year. I would much rather be working toward growing and people figuring out what that means.”

Thoughts on the bench’s effectiveness in the game
“I think our bench will be there all year long. We have a lot of players that can help us in a game. We’re going to let the upperclassmen have their time, but these freshmen are chomping at the bit.”

Chelsey Shumpert, Freshmen, Guard
On scoring her first points as a Moc
“I was very excited.  I was just trying to get my team going. If I would have gotten nervous, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did.”

On hitting the first three
“Hitting the first three really did help me.  I was just trying to get my team going because we were in a slump.”

Ashlen Dewart, Senior, Forward
Thoughts on the game

“UAB is a very athletic team.  I think we did a pretty decent job of stepping up.  Towards the end we got a little confused about where we were supposed to be in the zone, but we pulled it out.”

Thoughts on Chattanooga’s slow starts
“I think we have a really bad habit of only playing part of the game, not playing 40 minutes.  Coach has mentioned that multiple times and we know it.  It’s definitely a bad habit.”

On Chelsey Shumpert
“I’m so proud of her.  She really stepped up.  We were not doing well as a team. Some of us were hanging our heads, and she came in not nervous at all.  She knocked down her shots, took good shots and she was very smart with the ball.”

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