Postgame Quotes at Furman - Jan. 4, 2014

Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game
“We are halfway done.  We have another game on Monday night.  We have to be ready to flip it quick and turn our attention to The Citadel.  Our guys were ready for the game, our guys were honed in and our coaches do a really good job on the scouting report.  We did a good job of guarding them.  I know Croone got his 19 points but he had to work for all of them.  I thought our pressure took its toll on them, and we were really good on the backboards.  We had 23 offensive rebounds and we were all over the backboards.  It saved us when we didn’t shoot it well.  The guys did a really good job of adjusting at halftime and we told them we have to attack the paint.  That showed with our free throws and we shot half as many threes in the second half as we shot in the first half.  Just a really good team win.  Everybody chipped in, it wasn’t pretty, and we got out four guys in double figures like we needed.  We found a way to get it done.”

Thoughts on playing the zone
“We are who we are right now.  We guard the ball well in the zone, didn’t allow penetration and did what we were supposed to do.  We are rebounding better out of the zone and covering up on three-point shooters.  That was my biggest concern with playing the zone, and Coach Wes has convinced me that you don’t have to give up threes when playing the zone.  We did a good job because they were three-of-14 and we covered them up.  All in all, I was really proud with the way our guys came out at the half.  I thought we should have been up a lot more at the half, but I was glad we came out and got the first strike in the second half.  We never let them take the lead.  That stop at the beginning of the half was big and forced a contested jump shot from the wing.  We were off and running from there.”

On getting off to a good start
“Our guys are working harder and its paying off.  It’s harder to surrender and give in when you have so much invested.  Our investment level is up and it has really helped us.  To come on the road and win in conference is hard to do and this is a big step for us.  We have to take another step forward on Monday.  We haven’t swept a conference weekend in six years.  This is a big step for us and the program in the infant stages as we go on the road to Charleston and try to bring home the sweep.”

On Casey Jones’ play
“He has been sick, but Todd Bullard did a great job of getting him ready for this game.  He looked like himself this morning and played like himself.  We are proud of him because he has been playing so hard.  He got the steal in the press and has been really good on the ball in the press.”

Casey Jones, guard, sophomore
Thoughts on the win

“We cherish the conference road wins.  To get our first conference win on the road is big for us.  Coach is excited in the locker room.”

On the team’s drive
“Ever since the Northern Kentucky game, everything has been turned up a notch.  Everybody has been playing hard and it is a positive vibe in the locker room and in practice.  Everybody is taking extra shots and that gives you confidence when you know you’ve been in the gym working.”

On the Mocs’ hot streak
“The two-game winning streaks we’ve had have their positive vibes but a three-game winning streak gives us even more confidence.  It’ll be even bigger if we can make it four on Monday.  They will be a big confidence boost for our team.”

Z. Mason, forward, senior
On his stats against Furman

“I am very proud of the rebounds and being able to attack the glass.  I was able to get a lot of offensive rebounds and get a lot of second-chance points for our team.  I think the blocks were big, too, that I was able to protect the paint for our team.  I was happy to be a presence in our zone.”

On downing Furman on the road
“It is great to get a win on the road, and its big having multiple guys contributing like we did.  Casey had eight assists and scored, and there were a lot of other contributions all around the board and on the stat sheet.  It is a good conference and team win.”

On how far the Mocs have come
“It really helps us figure out our identity as a team. Being able to get two wins at home and take the winning streak on the road shows a lot of jumps forward and progress we’ve made as a team.  Being able to get stops in stretches where we’ve needed to and guys contributing have made us a better team.  There was a big learning curb for us to be able to do what we needed to do, and the Dr Pepper Classic gave us a chance to get our confidence up and execute when we needed to the most.”

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