Postgame Quotes at The Citadel - Jan. 6, 2014

Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game
“That was awesome.  That was our surest sign of progress.  We couldn’t have won that game three weeks ago.  I really believe that.  We just hung in there, and it wasn’t pretty.  None of our wins have been pretty.  We just find a way, and that is that mark of becoming a pretty good team.  We found a way even though we were down big at half.  We were down six at the under-four media but we found a way.  We had great response, we didn’t have things go great, and then we got Z. Mason who had 30 points and 14 rebounds.  I believe he is the best player in the league.  If he isn’t the player of the week I don’t know who is.  He was phenomenal, he carried us and we just kept going to him.  We made just enough stops down the stretch.”

On the team’s improvement
“I have belief in our guys.  This stuff pays off.  We had to kick the guys out of shoot-around because they wanted to stay and shoot.  When you have that type of work ethic and investment, you’re not going to give in.  You’re going to keep the gloves up, keep taking hits and eventually you’ll be able to break through.  It might be with two minutes left or with two seconds left, but you’ll be able to break through.”

On the Mocs’ late layup play
“We changed it on the fly.  Our guys did a phenomenal job.  They’ve been running zones, we had a zone play called, and as soon as we saw man-coverage, we changed it to one of our back-door-plays because we knew they were going to overplay being aggressive.  Our guys were locked in and executed on the fly.  That is hard to do.  I was standing on the baseline and called it as they lined up.  That is a credit to our guys that they were able to change that and be able to execute it for the layup.”

On hanging tough late in the game
“We were able to just stay in it and finally land a knockout punch, but you have to give The Citadel a lot of credit.  We gave them a lot of confidence early, gave them shots and let them get out in transition.  They played really well.  It was a dog fight, but these are the type of game you have to be able to win during league play.”

On sweeping on the road
“This hasn’t been done since 2008.  It’s hard for any team to sweep and this is big for us.  There will be very few teams that sweep on the road no matter where.  I am really proud of our guys.”

Ronrico White, guard, junior
Thoughts on the game
“That was a great win.  This was a tough conference game.  Coach told us it wasn’t going to be pretty and that’s how it was.  We have to be blue collar and tough, and that’s what we did tonight.”

On being prepared for the game
“You have to credit Coach Wade for putting us through so much training.  Mentally, we probably wouldn’t have won this game a month ago. We were mentally prepared, stayed calm, picked up our urgency and you have to credit our coaching staff for that.”

The team’s thoughts coming out of the last timeout
“Coming out of the time out it was all about stops.  We knew we could score.  We came down and scored after they missed a free throw.  Then it was all about getting stops.  We knew what we had to do and it was all about stops.  No matter what.”

Z. Mason, forward, senior
Thoughts on the win

“I just wanted to get the win for our team.  This feels a lot better than the win against Furman.  This just shows how hard we’ve been working as a team.  We pulled through at the end.  It was a tough one from tip to the buzzer.  This is a great team win and this is all you can ask for.”

On getting two road wins
“It’s tough to come in here and beat The Citadel at home.  I know last year we won similarly to this, but it’s tough playing on the road regardless of where you are and where the opponent is picked to finish in the conference.  It feels good to get two wins on the road.”

Thoughts on his play, team’s reaction
“I knew I had to be more active and attack.  I knew I had to give it all I had.  I knew I had to respond when we were down, and that’s what Coach Wade always talks about.  I just wanted to give us a push.  I was able to make some shots and get some boards, and the team jumped on board with me.  We were able to pull it out together and that’s the best win you can have.”

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