Postgame Quotes at Samford

Chattanooga Head Coach Jim Foster
Thoughts on the game
“I am happy to get it out of the way, and I am happy to get it against a good, very well coached Samford team.  I thought we played very well defensively.  We didn’t want them to get threes, and I thought we did a very good job of that.  This is a team that has taken as many as 30 in a game, and the two things we didn’t want to do were at the three-point line and on back-cuts.  I thought we defended both of those very well.”

On what the win means on the season
“We’ve finished the first half of the year.  We’ve played every team in the league, and now we have to go out and do it again.  Now we have an idea of what’s out there, who is out there and how they play.  Now we can tweak ourselves a little bit, relative to what people can do against us.  Now we can answer and respond to that.  It’s such a flexible team that I was able to go to a small lineup when they went small.  When they went small, we went small.  That took away an advantage they had offensively.  I think it made us a little bit harder to guard, too.”

On what the 800th win means personally
“I just don’t think of it in those terms, quite frankly.  When I’m with Geno, Muffet and Debbie and those folks - at some point we’ll sit down and have a good time. If it’s Geno and I, we both like grapes.”

Thoughts on the video tribute
“Well, the video was harder to watch than the game.  You see those folks and it would be nice if we were going out and having dinner tonight and spend some time together.  This time of year you can’t, but when we do it’s usually a lot of fun and you remember what a good belly laugh is all about.  My oldest son and his wife, April, and two grandsons are here.  Christian was a professional cyclist.  I think Geno and I have a responsibility for that because we put together his first tricycle one Christmas Eve, and the end result was it never worked right.  It never had a level ride.  It was the most difficult thing to stay on and ride.  And two things happened; Christian found he enjoyed it and Cathy Auriemma and Donna Foster decided that the screwdrivers, hammers, and wrenches of the family would be handled by them.  It was a very fond recollection of when Christin was a child and Geno was standing next to him.”

Taylor Hall, guard, senior
On how it feels to be a part of Jim Foster’s 800th win
“Well that’s an amazing accomplishment and I’m glad that we got to be a part of it; we got to be a part of the experience and witness the little ceremony that we did after the game.  It’s just great, we couldn’t be happier for him.”

If Coach Foster had mentioned the milestone before the game
“He didn’t say anything about the 800th win.  Even in the last media session he said that isn’t something that he’s going to think about.  He was focused on the game and winning the game regardless of the situation.  He didn’t mention it.  He says the same thing before every game.”

On if the team felt any more pressure than usual going into the game
“I don’t think so.  Whether it’s home, on the road, 800th win - we want it.  We want to win.  It just made it a little bit more special, you could say with everything going on, but we want to win regardless so I think that kind of takes the pressure off of us.”

Thoughts on what makes Samford a difficult team to play
“They’re just hard to guard.  They’re very good at reading, making cuts and just reacting to the defense and getting a good shot.  So that was kind of tough, and they went small on us.  That was a new look we haven’t really seen that much, and they were able to do some things with that.  They’re very disciplined, and that shows, and they were able to stay in the game.”

Ashlen Dewart, forward, senior
On how it feels to be a part of Jim Foster’s 800th win
“It’s always a big honor to be a part of something like that, and we wanted to come out here and play hard for him to get him that 800th win.  He deserves it.  He works hard for us so we want to work hard for him.”

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