Postgame Quotes vs. Furman - Feb. 1, 2014

Chattanooga Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game
“First off I want to thank the crowd.  I think that was the first time since 1998 we’ve had back-to-back crowds of over 5,000 people.  That was great, that was a big lift, and I appreciate them coming out and showing faith in us.  I want to thank two people in particular who were in the crowd they’ll probably be embarrassed, and I didn’t mean to do this but I saw Dewayne (Gass) when we were walking out and there’s a guy named David Gibbs as well.  So we rolled the bus up off of MLK at 4 a.m. Friday morning and Dewayne, his son, and David Gibbs were sitting there at the apartments where our players live to give our guys encouragement, welcome us back and let us know they were still behind them.  So that meant a lot to our players, and it meant a lot to me and our staff.  They’ll probably be embarrassed that I said that but I really wanted to thank them and thank everybody who came out tonight.  Basketball-wise I thought we responded well.  We played with great energy and great enthusiasm.  It wasn’t perfect but we got the job done and I was proud of our guy’s response.  That’s tough to do. We didn’t make any excuses.  Tough loss on Thursday, we got back at 4 a.m. and the guys got up and went to class. We went through our normal prep, so it was a tough couple of days for our guys.  But they responded the right way, did a really nice job and put together a really good win.  Proud of the effort, proud of getting the win and we have a quick turnaround to get ready for Tuesday.”

On the defensive pressure’s effectiveness
“It was good.  The best it’s been probably all year.  We’ve made some adjustments from the first game.  Our guys pressed with energy like that and we fly out of it so it works well.  I think we had 19 or 20 turnovers and we got 10 steals or so.  I thought we left it all on the table.  We were slow in our rotations but our guys did a good job with that.  Our guys running the baseline out of bounds in the press did a good job.  We got five-second counts and we got some steals off of that.  So we had the press going and that was good.  That helped us out tonight.”

On pushing it from a 10-point game to a 17-point game
“We got stops.  We were able to sit down and get stops, and when we get stops we can get out in transition.  When we get into transition we’re a pretty good offensive team, and then when you score you can set the pressure.  It all kind of goes together.  We were able to get stops and get out in transition, set the press, get some steals and get the pace going.  Unfortunately they’re pretty banged up and they don’t have very many players.  They have to play guys a lot of minutes.  We knew if we could get the pace going and make them work that we could wear them out.  We knew it would be to our advantage in the last part of the game.”

Thoughts about the upcoming schedule
“We’re going to mostly take the day off tomorrow.  Then we’re going to practice Monday and leave for Eastern Kentucky, who’s a very good team in to Ohio Valley Conference.  They’re picked at the top or maybe to win the Ohio Valley Conference.  I think they are sixth or seventh in the league right now.  Good team, great guard play, very good three-point shooting team and then we turn around on Saturday and play Samford.  They’re a team that we already played once here.  We go on the road to Birmingham and get ready to go into another tough conference game.  We have two road games and we have to be good on the road.  We have to find a way to dig some road wins out.”

Furman Head Coach Niko Medved

Thoughts on the game
“I thought that Chattanooga responded very well tonight.  They came out with a lot of energy.  I thought their pressure really bothered us, and they had a good game plan.  They wanted to take the ball out of Stephen Croone’s hands in the full-court and half-court press, and clearly with us being limited from a ball-handling perspective I thought that really bothered us.  I thought we missed a lot of easy shots in the paint to start the game and they capitalized on that.  I thought our kids’ half-court defense was good when we got back and got set, but we just couldn’t do enough on the offensive end to take care of the ball and get quality shots.  We just got out-played tonight.”

Thoughts on Chattanooga’s defense
“I thought that was the key to this game was that they had pretty good energy.  I just thought we really quit moving, and they are a team - with the way they play defense – that we really stood around and tried to point the ball in the post and they doubled for error.  I thought that was a good move on their part.  We didn’t do a good job of handling that and making the extra pass.  We just didn’t make the simple play, and that allowed them to get out in transition with turnovers.  I thought we took poor shots, and they blocked eight of our shots.  That’s what Chattanooga does really well.  They block a shot and it fuels their transition.  We just simply couldn’t finish enough plays tonight to get back on defense.”

Casey Jones, sophomore, guard

Thoughts on his hot start
“I just do what I usually do.  I run the court and make layups.  Making layups is what I do best and my team mates follow me in transition.  All I do is finish.   I didn’t really do anything special.  I just made layups.”

On his limited playing time in the first half
“As long as we are winning and we’re playing good, I don’t care if I am on the bench.  I just want to win and that’s the only thing that matters.  I play aggressive and pick up easy fouls, but I would not change the way I play to stay out of foul trouble.”

Thoughts on Chattanooga’s defense
“We did a great job on defense.  We had Lance in the diamond and were just trapping.  Furman was putting a lot of people on the court so there were some guys out there tired.  Croone wanted to back it out a little more than to take it in and attack.  We had a lot of people coming in and stayed fresh.  I guess that was the biggest difference was that we had more man-power.  We had a lot more people coming in than Furman.  They were a little fatigued, but they are a good team.”

Z. Mason, senior, forward

On hitting the 1,000 point/100 blocks/500 rebounds mark
“I don’t keep up with the numbers.  I didn’t know how close I was in points until Johnny Taylor told me I was a point away from 1,000 on Thursday.  I didn’t know about the blocks or the rebounds until last night.  I’ve just been focusing on getting better day-by-day.”

Thoughts on Chattanooga’s defensive press
“Obviously it worked.  We got them to turn the ball over 19 times.  That made it easy for us to get easy buckets off of the steals in transition.  We had them scrambling.  The press gave them trouble and it was able to help us defensively.  We held them to 19 points in the first half so it helped us out a lot.”

On how Chattanooga went on a run to begin the second half
“The press allowed us to get steals.  I know I started out with a dunk and somebody made a layup.  We just made a lot of effort plays that really helped us.  We were able to make plays on defense that helped ease the offense.  It helped shut them down and it gave us easy buckets.  We pushed open a lead.”

Thoughts on the crowd
“We really feed off of the crowd.  We really appreciate their support.  We’ve had big crowds over the last three games and we want it to continue to increase.  We have three game games left, we are appreciative of the support we’ve gotten so far and hope that it continues for us.”

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